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” 5,6,7,8 ” was the first single by the successful British pop group Steps. The song was released to take advantage of the craze of line dancing which was sweeping the United Kingdom at that time.
The song’s verses are performed by group member Lee Latchford-Evans with Lisa Scott-Lee performing the middle eight.
The song’s choruses have none of the male singers performing. This song was one of Steps biggest selling singles although it did fail to make the UK Top Ten.
Staying in the Top twenty for ten weeks and selling in the region of three hundred thousand copies, ” 5,6,7,8 ” sold more than some of their Top five hits.
The song gave Steps their biggest selling single of the 90s not to reach the Top Ten in the United Kingdom. Although topping the UK Singles Chart eluded Steps for this single, they did achieve a Number One single in Australia.
Filmed in Marbella, Spain, the official video to accompany ” 5,6,7,8 ” shows Steps in colour coordinated outfits performing the dance routine.
Lisa Scott-Lee wears a green bikini top and shorts adorned with flowers, Faye Tozer a yellow bikini top and a sarong, Claire Richards an orange bikini top and sarong, the boys wear open shirts and shorts.
The end of the video, Lisa wears a red halter neck lycra dress, Faye a red asymmetrical top and skirt and Claire in a red long-sleeved see-through top and leather trousers. Lee and H wear black t-shirts and red trousers.
During the video Lisa, Faye and Claire drive to the beach in a Suzuki Vitara while Lee and H ride quad bikes. The girls are also seen playing turntables while the boys play snooker. With each chorus, they join to perform the now famous dance routine, which switches from the beach to a stage at a beach party with an audience dancing.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 14

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australian Singles Chart 1, Belgium Singles Chart (Flanders) 2, Dutch Singles Chart 27,New Zealand Singles Chart 2, Sweden Singles Chart 17

Official Website: stepsofficial.co.uk 

FaceBook Page: Facebook.com/officialsteps

Twitter: Twitter.com/officialsteps

Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org//Steps


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