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” A Hard Day’s Night ” is a soundtrack from the film of the said title featuring the classic English rock band The Beatles (1960 -1970) from Liverpool, England. Parlophone Records released the single on 10th July 1964 in the UK and Capitol Records released it three days later in the US on different albums of the same title.
The song was composed by the legendary singers, co-songwriters and band members Lennon and McCartney. The title of the song that led to the film, a record-breaking album and the Grammy award-winning single was coined from something said by the band’s drummer, Ringo Starr.
According to an interview with Playboy magazine in the early 80s, Lennon said that Ringo used the phrase “ a hard day’s night ” after the band had lost track of time while working the whole day and realising that night had already fallen. By the next morning, Lennon was ready with the lyrics and started working with McCartney and the rest of the band later.
“ A Hard Day’s Night ” reached the top of the chart on 25th July 1964 in the UK and the US on the same day. It stayed in the Number One spot for over three weeks and continued to remain in the chart for nine weeks which was a record. No other band or artists had even accomplished that feat until Simon and Garfunkel did the same later in the 1970s. The album also holds the first record for dominating both the US and UK chart simultaneous with two different albums.
The song became the fifth of the seven songs by the Beatles to hit Number One in 1964 and also the 6th of the Lennon-McCartney song to the chart again in the same year.
The lyrics of “ A Hard Day’s Night ” conveys a lover’s commitment to providing everything for the other lover in spite of a hard day’s night, and knowing all the sacrifices are worth the effort because he will be getting the same love and care in return. The lyrics, although not as refined as their later songs, still paved the way for brilliant songwriting that accredits Lennon and McCartney’s musical genius.
The opening chord of “ A Hard Day’s Night ” is considered one of the most complex opening chords in history by musicologists. It combines five different sounds on the bass guitar and the acoustic guitar that blends and reverberates into magical music that flings the rhythmic track open.
The song is an upbeat and energetic pop-rock that reflects the exciting new journey of The Beatles at the peak of their musical career. The shift in the vocals between Lennon and Paul ramps up the thrill in the song that is already packed with energy and enables a smoother transition between verses.
With over one million sales in the United States alone, the Gold single further peaked at Number One in other countries like Canada, Australia and Sweden and number two in Germany Media Control Charts. It also featured as the wake-up music on the Space Shuttle STS-69 and Channel Four Breakfast programme in 1992. The popularity of the song transcends generations of classic pop-rock music lovers.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: 1

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

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Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/TheBeatles

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