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” Agadoo ” is by Black Lace, the Europop band from Yorkshire England. The song was written by Mya Symille, Michael Delancray, G. Peran, Engi and T.G. Behri.
The song caused some debate about the actual meaning of ” Agadoo “, some claimed it was an ancient Swahili term, others have claimed it is a derogatory term used by African people. Supposedly the word means ” Spear Chucker “, however, both these so-called explanations have never been proved.
The actual meaning may go back to the original recording in 1971 by Michel Delancray and Mya Symille; they recorded the song as “Agadou” in French, they wrote the song based on a tune that apparently had origins in Morocco.
Before Black Lace made a hit of the song, a few others had recorded ” Agadoo “, or another version of the song.
In 1975 artist Patrick Zabé ( Jean-Marie Rusk ), who was a famous singer in Quebec Canada recorded the song with Club Med using the song as their theme tune in 1974.
Another group that recorded ” Agadoo ” was a West German ( was West Germany in the 1970’s ) party group called The Saragossa Band. Their version of ” Agadou ” is still the group’s most played song.
The most famous version of the song is by Black Lace; the song was performed by the duo Dene Michael and Alan Barton. The two were playing in a nightclub called Gossips in Derby England.
They witnessed the bar staff performing a novelty dance to the song, they went on the learn the dance and recorded their version of the song, the first version in English.
The BBC radio station Radio One banned the song for not being credible, which probably helped sales as the song became a hit.
The song entered the chart in the United Kingdom at number eighty-six and climbed to reach number two, in total the song spent thirty-five weeks on the chart. George Michael kept it from the top with “Careless Whisper”.
Along with being a massive hit in the United Kingdom, the song also found its way into the charts in Ireland, New Zealand and France. In Ireland, the song reached number five. New Zealand was another country where the song did well, there it entered the chart at number thirty-seven and climbed to reach number nine.
Black Lace also had a hit in France, the song reached number forty-eight but only stayed on the French chart for one week.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 2

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: French Singles Chart 48, Irish Singles Chart 5, New Zealand Singles Chart 9, South African Singles Chart 3

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