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” Apache ” is by The Shadows, the British instrumental rock group and backing band to Sir Cliff Richard. At the time of this song, The Shadows members were Hank B Marvin playing lead guitar, Jet Harris on bass and Tony Meehan on drums.
The song was written by Jerry Lordan ( Jeremiah Patrick Lordan ), the English singer, songwriter and composer. Jerry began writing songs in 1958 and found his first taste of success as a songwriter with Anthony Newley and ” I’ve Waited So Long “.
The song reached number three on the UK Singles Chart in 1959. He also wrote songs for Cliff Richard and others along with further hits for The Shadows.
Jerry Lordan got the inspiration for the song’s title after watching the American 1954 classic Western, Apache. The film starred Burt Lancaster and became a huge hit earning over $3 million in the first year of release.
Production for the single was by Norrie Paramor; he worked on hit records for many artists including, Michael Holliday, Helen Shapiro, Frank Ifield and Ricky Valance.
” Apache ” is mostly associated with The Shadows. However, it was first recorded by Bert Weedon in the early 1960s whose version was rejected by Jerry Lordan. It was while Jerry was on tour in the United Kingdom with The Shadows that his luck as a songwriter changed.
Jerry played the tune to the group’s bass player Jet Harris on ukulele, when the rest of The Shadows heard it they agreed to make a recording of the song.
Once the group had decided to record it, they then had to get it approved by producer Norrie. They needed to convince him that the ” Apache ” should be released as an A-side instead of ” Quartermaster’s Stores ” ( named after the TV series, Quatermass ), the track that was being favoured by the record company at the time.
Norrie was reluctant but took both recordings and played them to his daughters who chose ” Apache “. So it was decided that it was that song that would be the A-side when released as a single.
The Shadows first charted with the song in the UK on the 27th of July 1960 and reached Number One on the 25th of August for five weeks. The song spent eleven weeks in the Top Ten and a total of twenty-five weeks on the UK Singles Chart.
In the United States, it was not the version by The Shadows that made the chart there but a version by a Danish jazz guitarist called Jørgen Ingmann. His version was released first and reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100.
His cover also reached Number One in Canada which denied The Shadows a chance at the charts in both those countries.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Germany 6, Netherlands 11, Belgium 6

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