As i lay me down Sophie B. Hawkins

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As i lay me down Sophie B. Hawkins

Song Title: As i lay me down

Artist: Sophie B. Hawkins

Date of release: 7 February 1995

Description: ” As i lay me down ” is by Sophie B. Hawkins ( Sophie Ballantine Hawkins ), the American singer, songwriter. The song was written by Sophie B. Hawkins and produced by Organized Noize.
The song was released by Columbia and Sony Records in 1995 and taken from Sophie’s second Album ” Whaler “.
” As i lay me down ” is a ballad where Sophie recalls a loved one as she goes to bed in the hope they’ll meet again. The song has lyrics which caused some confusion, in the song Sophie sings ” ooh la kah koh ” as a backing vocal.
” I like tacos ” is what many people think they can hear, however Sophie is actually singing ” ooh la kah koh “. The backing vocal is not sampled from another song but actually Sophie singing, when asked what ” ooh la kah koh ” actually meant Sophie replied it was a saying ” wash your feet before you sleep ” from the Ballantine tribe of Africa.
However this is no such tribe in Africa, the reference to the Ballantine tribe is a joke by Sophie ( her middle name is Ballantine ), she later admitted that it was made up and has no meaning whatsoever.
The initial response to the Album ” Whaler ” was lukewarm and commercially disappointing for Sophie, nearly a year after the release ” As i lay me down ” started to gather pace.
Sophie insisted that her record label Columbia allow her to tour the country with just her accompanied by an acoustic piano. Soon the song started receiving airplay on adult contemporary stations.
Along with a remixed version of the song which got airplay on other stations, ” As i lay me down ” started getting interest from record buyers.
In the United States the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and reached a peak of number 6, the song spent a total of 44 weeks on the chart.
” As i lay me down ” is recognised by The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ( ASCAP ) for the longest-running single.
Outside of the United States Sophie enjoyed more success with the single, in Germany the song reached number 55 on The GfK Entertainment Chart and spent 12 weeks on the chart there.
In Australia the song reached a peak of number 7 and spent 15 weeks on the Australian Recording Industry Association 9 ARIA ) Chart.
Sophie enjoyed success in New Zealand where the song entered the top twenty and reached a peak of number 19 on the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (RIANZ) Chart, there it spent 12 weeks on the chart.
In the United Kingdom ” As i lay me down ” reached a peak of number 24 and spent a month in the top 40, the song spent a total of 6 weeks on the chart.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 6

UK Highest Chart Position: 24

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Germany 55, Australia 7, New Zealand 19

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