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” Automatic ( I’m Talking to You ) ” is by EliZe ( Elise van der Horst ), the Dutch singer. EliZe was born in 1982 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The city is the capital and most populated city in the Dutch province of Utrecht and the fourth largest city in the country.
In 2004 she was spotted by executives at Spinnin’ Records and teamed her up with Peter Hartmann and Jan Langhoff, the Danish producers of hits for Aqua and Ace Of Base.
In 2006 her solo career was launched with her first single ” Shake “, produced by Peter Hartmann and Jan Langhoff, the single peaked at number thirty-two on the Dutch Top Forty and spent five weeks on the chart there. EliZe is currently with Saga Strings, the classically trained virtuoso string players based in Los Angeles, California.
” Automatic ( I’m Talking to You ) ” was written by Torsten Stenzel and Adrian Zagoritis. Torsten Stenzel is a German musician, songwriter, composer and producer. His successful career of over 22 years has seen him work with many artists. In 2001 he was asked by Moby’s manager to remix the single ” Porcelain “, Torsten’s deep Club remix was later released in the US by Mute Records.
Adrian Zagoritis is a British songwriter and producer. He teamed up with Torsten Stenzel to produce the club hit ” Iceflowers “, which features on York’s second Album Peace. Although the pop dance writer’s work is often concentrated with York, the award-winning German electronica act, he has had success with winners from both Pop Idol and The X Factor and written and produced for artists Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France and Japan.
Production, mixing and arrangement for the single was by Peter Hartmann and Jan Langhoff. Peter Hartmann co-wrote ” Roses Are Red ” for Aqua and worked with the likes of Dr Alban and Chipz.
Jan Langhoff often worked with Peter Hartmann and was the producer for the Album Toonage by the bubblegum pop group The Cartoons; he’s also written, mixed and produced for the successful bubblegum pop group Aqua.
” Automatic ( I’m Talking to You ) ” was released on the 7th Of March 2005 by record label Spinnin’ Records, the Dutch independent record label, it was taken as the second single from her debut album, In Control.
The song entered the Dutch chart on the 12th of March 2005 and reached a peak of number eight; it spent a total of seventeen weeks on the chart there.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: N/A

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Germany 63, France 67, Netherlands 8, Belgium 18, Finland 11

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