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” Blame It On the Boogie ” is by The Jacksons, the American music group. They formed in 1964 using the name the Jackson Brothers; they are also known as The Jackson 5 and Jackson Five. The founding members of the group were Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael.
The song was written by Michael George ‘ Mick ‘ Jackson, the English singer-songwriter, along with his brother David Jackson and Elmar Krohn.
This cover version was produced by the Jacksons; the original version by Sylvester Levay.
” Blame It On the Boogie ” was released on the 23rd of August 1978 by record label Epic ( Sony Music Entertainment ) and taken as the lead single from the group’s 15th album, Destiny.
The album was the first time in their career that the brothers had total artistic control and were the first album produced by The Jacksons. A huge success, it would go on to sell over 4 million copies worldwide, 2 million of those in the United States alone.
” Blame It On the Boogie ” was recorded by Englishman Mick Jackson first in 1977 with the hope of being recorded by Stevie Wonder.
He showcased the song in 1978 at Midem ( Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale ). The annual music trade show has been running since 1967 and is situated in and around the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France.
Peter Kerstin, The Jacksons manager, was there and heard the song being played. He recorded it and took it back to America. The group liked the song and so recorded their version quickly to beat the original single’s release.
Once the battle for chart positions started the press picked up on the name similarity, and it became known as ” The Battle Of the Boogie “. British radio stations joined in only exciting the situation even more. The radio station, BBC One played just the version by The Jacksons, while commercial radio station, Capital Radio only played Mick’s ( original ) version.
The accompanying music video by The Jacksons featured the members dancing on a black background with electronic trail effects. The effect used was created by mage West, Ltd. and was cutting edge technology at the time.
” Blame It On the Boogie ” was a commercial success for The Jacksons, slightly more so than Mick Jackson. His original version peaked at number sixty-one on the Billboard Hot 100. The Jacksons version did marginally better and peaked at number fifty-four.
In the United Kingdom, both versions were released within days of each other. Mick Jackson’s version entered the UK Singles Chart on the 30th of September 1978 and reached a peak of number fifteen. It spent three weeks in the Top Twenty and a total of eight weeks in the UK chart.
The Jacksons entered the UK Singles Chart on the 23rd of September 1978 and reached a peaked of number eight. It spent four weeks on the Top Ten and a total of fifteen weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: 54

UK Highest Chart Position: 8

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australia (Kent Music Report) 3, Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) 7, Ireland (IRMA) 15, Netherlands (Dutch Top 40) 7, Netherlands (Single Top 100) 6, New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) 2, Spain (PROMUSICAE) 2

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