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” Can’t Explain ” is by Atari Jones ( Devan Porter ), the 23-year-old Cleveland rapper. The song was written by Atari Jones.
Production for the single and the beat was by Kastle who has been played on British radio network Radio 1 and has worked with Ministry of Sound, the international British music label and World famous nightclub.
” Can’t Explain ” is about a bad time and place Atari found himself in, high from smoking weed and the effects on his mind the substance was causing. Atari said of the experience ” it started getting personal because these are the thoughts that were going on through my head at the time “.
This song follows on from past success with tracks like ” Girl with the Tattoo ” by Miguel which featured Atari and produced by Tel Aviv producer, Yarin Lidor.
Atari is now signed to Chicago based indie record label Lawless Inc and Chaotic Harmony Consulting. Lawless Inc was founded by rapper Larry “Larro” Wilson and joined by Mr monopoly who took the role as business manager.
The company entered a partnership with Epic Records and went on to release rapper King Louie’s first Album ” Dope & Shrimp “. Lawless Inc is a Grammy nominee for their work with superstar kanye west.
Chaotic Harmony Consulting artist manager signed Atari into their stable, the company has an impressive collection of awards and achievements which include three Grammy Awards, 15 Billboard Awards, Latin Billboard Producer of the Year ( 2012 ) award, Number One singles and collectively has over 600 Million YouTube plays.
The accompanying video was filmed at Cleveland Institute Of Art (CIA) and directed by Akeem Penicooke. Akeem has a B.F.A. in Videography from The Cleveland Institute of Art and works mainly as a freelancer.
Atari says of his music journey ” I’m from Cleveland ohio, shaker heights area and love music because it is a way for me to change the world and have people see things from a different perspective. My inspiration is art, life and sounds ”


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