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” China in your hand ” by T’Pau was written by band members Carol Decker and Ron Rogers. Carol Decker and Ron Rogers were both the leading writers for the group and also had a romantic relationship at the time.
The song was re-recorded and released in 1987 becoming a number one single in the United Kingdom for five weeks. Taken from the album, Bridge of spies, this song is the most famous of the band’s singles, although hit wise ” Heart and Soul ” was more successful in the United States.
Along with a five-week run at the top of the UK Charts, ” China in your hand ” also kept George Harrison from reaching the top with his song ” Got my mind set on you “.
The song refers to the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein; these references are more widely heard on the album version of the song, the re-recorded single that was released omitted most of these references.
The title ” China in your hand ” has left some confusion as to what it means, while co-writer Ron couldn’t be sure where the title came from, Carol Decker did, however, shed some light on the subject.
She explained that the title refers to a china cup being held up to a source of light and the way you can see your hand through it, ” China in your hand ” is, therefore, referring to transparency.
” China in your hand ” was the 600th number one song for the UK Single Chart and made news when Carol and the lead singer Gary Barlow from pop group Take That had a very public falling out on Twitter in 2011. Gary commented on the X-factor that ” It was nice to hear it sung in tune. ”

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Austrian Singles Chart 5, Belgian Singles Chart 1, Canadian Singles Chart 20, Dutch Singles Chart 1, French Singles Chart 44, West German Singles Chart 2, Irish Singles Chart 1, New Zealand Singles Chart 8, Norwegian Singles Chart 1, Polish Singles Chart 8, South African Singles Chart 12, Swedish Singles Chart 5, Swiss Singles Chart 1

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