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” Cry Baby ” was by Jemini, the former British pop group from Liverpool, England. The duo consisted of Chris Cromby and Gemma Abbey.
The song was written by Martin Isherwood, who, as of 2016, is the Head of Music at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Martin is a member of the British Academy Songwriters, Composers and Authors; he is also a member of the Performing Right Society.
” Cry Baby ” was released in May 2003 by record label Pop Recordings, Martin Isherwood was a Director & Company Secretary of the label between September 1999 and April 2013.
Chris Cromby and Gemma Abbey met at Liverpool’s Starlight Stage School in 1995. When they left college, the duo formed Tricity, a name they took from a brand of electrical appliances now owned by Electrolux, the Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer.
Three years after leaving college they changed the name from Tricity to Jemini ( Gem-and-I ). For the next two and a half years they toured UK pubs and clubs performing their compositions alongside Motown covers and ABBA medleys.
In a selection process held by the BBC’s A Song for Europe competition, Jemini won and was chosen by a public phone poll to represent the United Kingdom in the 48th Eurovision Song Contest held in May 2003. The contest took place in Riga, Latvia after Marie N won with the song ” I Wanna ” in the 2002 competition held in Tallinn, Estonia.
Jemini performed on stage with three female backing singers and a guitarist who went by the name of Kirk. The duo’s performance was off-key with Chris Cromby and Gemma Abbey claiming a technical fault with the backing track meant they were unable to hear the backing music.
When the final voting came in, Jemini scored 0 points and finished last. Sir Terry Wogan, the longtime commentator of the contest for the BBC, said that the United Kingdom was suffering from ” post-Iraq backlash “.
However many in the UK media blamed the 0 points on the poor quality of the song and Jemini’s out of tune performance on the live show. The British X Factor judge, Louis Walsh branded the song a disgrace, he said it was ” so out of tune they deserved to be last “. To add insult to injury, after the show their dressing room was broken into and vandalised.
Although Jemini had humiliation at the Eurovision Song Contest, they did enjoy a Top Twenty hit with ” Cry Baby ” in the United Kingdom. There the song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 7th of June 2003 and peaked at number fifteen. It spent one week in the Top Twenty and a total of three weeks on the UK chart.

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