Crying for no reason Katy B

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Crying for no reason Katy B

Song Title: Crying for no reason

Artist: Katy B

Date of release: 26th of January 2014

Description: ” Crying for no reason ” is by Katy B ( Kathleen Anne Brien ), the English singer-songwriter and musician. The song was written by Kathleen Brien, Gordon Warren and Guy Chambers.
The song was produced by Geeneus ( Gordon Warren ), who is better known for former pirate radio station Rinse which was formed in 1994 and known as London’s biggest pirate radio station.
The song was released on the 26th of January 2014 by record labels Rinse and Columbia, it was taken as the second single from Katy’s second Album ” Little red “.
The electro ballad was inspired by an experience of a break-up by a friend of Katy’s and the heartache it brought. In an interview with the British newspaper The Sun Katy said ” ‘Crying For No Reason’ came from conversation I had with my friend. She had a mini breakdown. She was so upset and had burst into tears at traffic lights as she was driving “.
Katy added that ” She didn’t know why, then realised it was because of a break-up with her boyfriend, which happened six months earlier, She had swept all of her emotions under the carpet and had bottled it all up “.
The video that accompanies the song was shot in the same studio as the Harry Potter films and co-directed by Grammy Award winning Sophie Muller, her co-director for this video was Ross McDowell. Sophie has directed over one hundred music videos for artists like Annie Lennox and Eurythmics, Garbage and Blur.
Music critics gave the song positive reviews. Bradley Stern writing for said the song was ” Possibly one of her best songs yet “.
Digital Spy’s Robert Copsey liked the song and wrote a positive review saying ” Now in the January/February Q1 period where exciting releases are few and far between, her latest effort ‘Crying For No Reason’ shines brightly in an otherwise desolate pop landscape. That’s not to say the song itself – a stunning breakstep ballad about having a weepy moment for no particular reason (“I felt strong but am I breaking now?” she asks over crashing electro drums) – isn’t worthy of such attention, as it really is one of the best ballads we’ve heard in quite some time “.
” Crying for no reason ” was a commercial success for Katy. In the United Kingdom the song entered the UK chart on the 8th of February 2014 at number 5.
It dropped down from that position only to rise back up to number five again where it peaked. The song spent 4 weeks on the top ten and a total of 15 weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 5

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Belgium (Ultratip Flanders) 4, Belgium (Ultratop Flanders Dance) 34, Bulgaria (IFPI) 4, Czech Republic (R√°dio Top 100) 84, Ireland (IRMA) 21, Scotland (Official Charts Company) 5

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