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” Daddy ” is by Psy ( Park Jae-Sang ), the South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer.
Best known in his home country for his entertaining videos and stage performances, he is better known internationally for his hit single ” Gangnam Style “, which, as of December 2016, has over 2.7 billion views and is still the most viewed video on YouTube.
The single was written and produced by Park Jae-sang, Teddy Dominique Regiacorte, Jean-Luc Jacques Michel Drion and William Adams. ” Daddy ” was released by record labels YG, School Boy and Republic, it was uploaded on the 30th of November 2015 to his YouTube channel.
The song features as the lead single on Psy’s seventh studio album, Chiljip PSY-Da. The album was released on the 1st of December 2015 by record labels KT Music, YG Entertainment, School Boy and Republic; it reached number six on the South Korea ( Gaon ) Chart.
The single is the 21st K-Pop single by the South Korean musician, the genre developed with Seo Taiji and Boys, one of the earliest K-pop groups, who formed in 1992. The group’s experimentation with different forms of music led to future K-Pop artists using a variety of styles, including dance-pop, pop ballad, electropop, R&B, rock, jazz, opera, hip-hop and classical music.
Featured on the single is CL ( Lee Chae-rin ), the South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper and lead singer with 2NE1. The South Korean girl group formed in 2009 and disbanded in 2017.
” Daddy ” is based on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart hit ” I Got It from My Mama ” by, which in turn sampled ” Don Quichotte ( No Están Aqui ) ” by French synthpop band, Magazine 60. ” Don Quichotte ( No Están Aqui ) ” was a hit in France reaching the Top Ten. It also made the top 60 in the United States in 1986.
The accompanying music video was directed by Cho Soo-Hyun, who also directed Psy’s ” Gangnam Style ” and ” Gentleman “. The video features cameos from CL ( Lee Chae-rin ) as vocalist and rapper, with Ha Ji Won, the South Korean actress, as Psy’s classroom teacher.
The beginning of the video shows singer and producer, Yoo Hee Yeol as the doctor who delivers a baby Psy. The video shows the singer as himself, his father and his son as he seduces classmates, the teachers and the other females into dancing and singing the ” Daddy “. As of the 26th of February 2017, the video has been viewed 239,676,426 times on YouTube.
The song reached Number One on the South Korea ( Gaon ) Chart but wasn’t a huge success outside of the country. In the United States, the single peaked at number ninety-seven on the Billboard Hot 100, spending one week on the chart there. It also reached number six on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: 97

UK Highest Chart Position: N/A

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australia (ARIA) 103, Belgium (Ultratip Flanders) 68, Canada (Canadian Hot 100) 36, Czech Republic (Singles Digitál Top 100) 66, Finland (Suomen virallinen lista) 20

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