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” Dance Tonight ” is by Paul McCartney ( Sir James Paul McCartney ), the English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Paul rose to fame as a member of the rock band the Beatles.
The band are considered by many to be the most influential and popular group ever. Paul’s songwriting partnership with fellow Beatle John Lennon is one the most celebrated by fans and critics alike. After the Beatles parted their ways, Paul went on to pursue a successful solo career and along with his first wife Linda and Denny Laine formed the band Wings. Although Wings had many hits, they are best known for their only UK Number One hit, Mull of Kintyre.
” Dance Tonight ” was written by Paul McCartney with production by David Kahne. David is an American record producer, musician and composer. He began a career as a working musician and went on to become a Director of A&R for 415 Records in San Francisco. It was to be the first punk and new wave record label in America. In addition to working with Paul McCartney, David has worked with artists like the Bangles, New Order, Red Rockers, Sugar Ray and Kelly Clarkson.
The song was released as a download single on the 5th of June 2007 by record labels MPL Communications ( McCartney Productions Ltd. ) and Hear Music ( the brand name of Starbucks’ retail music concept and record label ). ” Dance Tonight ” was taken as the lead single from Paul’s fourteenth album as a solo artist ( this is discounting his Beatles and Wings era output, Paul’s orchestral work or his production as the Fireman ), Memory Almost Full. In the United States, the song was released as the second single.
The album was released in the United Kingdom on the 4th June 2007, with the United States release a day later. Memory Almost Full was the first released on the Starbucks’ Hear Music label.
The Grammy-nominated album reached the Top Five in both the United Kingdom and the United States; it also charted inside the Top Five in Denmark, Sweden, Greece, and Norway. It has sold more than two million copies worldwide, and for shipments of over 500,000 in the US, the album was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ).
” Dance Tonight ” came about when Paul bought a mandolin from a guitar shop he uses in London. He would sit in his kitchen at home playing the mandolin and singing ” Everybody gonna dance tonight “. Whenever he played, Beatrice, his three-year-old daughter, would come running in and dance. Paul said that the song ” wrote itself. ”
The accompanying music video was directed by Michel Gondry, a French independent film director, screenwriter and producer. Along with Paul McCartney, he has worked with Radiohead, Björk, Beck, The Chemical Brothers and The White Stripes.
Starring in the video along with Paul was Natalie Portman ( Neta-Lee Hershlag ) and Mackenzie Crook. Natalie is an actress with dual American and Israeli citizenship. She is best known for playing Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy (released in 1999, 2002 and 2005).
Mackenzie Crook ( Paul James ” Mackenzie ” Crook ) is an English actor, director, comedian and BAFTA-winning writer. As an actor Mackenzie is best known for playing Gareth Keenan in The Office, Ragetti in the Pirates of the Caribbean films and Orell in the HBO series Game of Thrones.
The video is based on Paul receiving a mandolin in the post delivered by the postman ( Mackenzie ), Paul plays the instrument in various places in the house and is joined by dancing ghosts. The ghost ( played by Natalie ) steals the mandolin from Paul, which turns her into a human and Paul into a spirit.
He chases her and the other ghosts until she goes back into the box, dragging him in with her. Inside is a wild party, where all the spirits and the postman are having fun.It ends with a shot of the post van left empty in the road outside.
” Dance Tonight ” was a mild commercial success for Paul. In the United States, the song reached a peak of number sixty-nine on the Billboard Hot 100, spending two weeks on the chart there. It also reached number forty-six on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs and number fifty-eight on the Billboard Pop 100 charts.
In the United Kingdom, the song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 30th of June 2007 and reached a peak of number twenty-six. It spent a total of four weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: 69

UK Highest Chart Position: 26

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: N/A

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