Daydreamer David Cassidy

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Daydreamer David Cassidy

Song Title: Daydreamer

Artist: David Cassidy

Date of release: October 1973

Description: ” Daydreamer ” is by David Cassidy ( David Bruce Cassidy ), the American actor and singer. The song was written by Terry Dempsey with production for the song by Rick Jarrard.
The song was released as a double A-side ( Harry Nilsson’s The Puppy Song on the reverse) in October 1973 by Bell Records. It was included on David’s third Album ” Dreams are nuthin’ more than wishes “.
Terry Dempsey who wrote ” Daydreamer ” has worked with some big names in the world of popular music including The New Seekers, Engelbert Humperdinck, Petula Clark, Demis Roussos, Sir Cliff Richard, Tina Turner, Sir Tom Jones and Cilla Black.
Rick Jarrard produced the song for David, Rick was a staff producer for the record label RCA in the late 1960’s. He produced Jefferson Airplane’s second Album ” Surrealistic pillow ” which was the first to include Grace Slick.
In 1969 David signed with Universal Studios and appeared in various tv shows including episodes of Ironside and Bonanza. In 1970 David took the role of Keith Partridge in the popular tv series The Partridge Family.
Ten Albums and five solo albums came from the show and made sales in excess of a Million copies each. David was an international star selling out concerts the World over.
With the fame and adulation came tragedy, while David was still featuring in The Partridge Family he was performing at a concert where there was a gate stampede and a young teenage fan was killed. This was the turning point for David who by now had become sick of the circus. He quit acting in The Partridge Family and touring, he instead concentrated on writing and recording as a solo artist.
Before ” Daydreamer ” claimed the Number One slot in the United Kingdom, David had made Number One with ” How can i be sure ” which held the top for 2 weeks in 1972.
On the 4th October 1973 the BBC broadcast the 500th edition of the popular music tv show Top of the Pops. The one hour special featured some of the biggest names in pop music of the day including Gary Glitter, Slade and the Osmonds. Donny Osmond was the biggest threat to David’s teen heart-throb crown.
David’s management, Screen Gems, set about to pull off a pr stunt that would help keep David on top. As the show was aired it appeared that David had jetted in especially to appear on the special edition of the show. Footage of an aeroplane was seen taxing to a halt on the runway and when the doors opened, David appeared to perform an apparent live performance of both the A and B sides of his single. But unbeknown to those watching he had in fact been in the UK for several days prior to the airing of the show.
His PR stunt worked and David’s ” Daydreamer ” entered the UK chart at number eight, a week later the song was at Number One.
In the United Kingdom the song entered the UK chart on the 13th of October 1973 and reached at Number One and stayed there for 3 weeks. The song spent 6 weeks in the top ten and a total of 15 weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Germany 27, Ireland 3

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