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” Ding A Dong ” is by Teach-In, who was a Dutch band. They formed in 1969 in Enschede, a city located in the eastern Netherlands. Not far from Germany, the city is thought to date back to the medieval times.
The group went through several changes. The first members were Hilda Felix, Henk Westendorp, John Snuverink, Frans Schaddelee, Koos Versteeg and Rudi Nijhuis. By 1972, the only original members were Koos Versteeg and Rudi Nijhuis; they were joined by John Gaasbeek, Chris de Wolde, Ard Weeink and Getty Kaspers on vocals. The band disbanded in 1980.
The song was written by Dick Bakker, Will Luikinga and Eddy Ouwens. The single was released in 1975 by Telefunken, a Germany company that began in 1903 in Berlin. Two companies, Siemens & Halske and the Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG), merged to form a single company. It is said that Emporer Wilhelm II had played a role in the merger.
” Ding A Dong ” was the Netherlands entry in the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden.
The original Dutch title for the song was ” Ding Dinge Dong “, which was used in the titles when the song was introduced during the broadcast. At the time, there were nineteen countries taking part, with Greece withdrawing in this year after making their debut in the competition in 1974.
The uptempo song went on to win, scoring 152 points with a voting system that is familiar to today’s audience of over 200 million people. It was the fourth time that the Netherlands had claimed victory and to date, it is the last time the country has won Eurovision.
The song was performed entirely in English; lyrically it is a positive song that tries to look on the bright side with nonsensical lyrics like ” Ding-a-dong every hour when you pick a flower. Even when your lover is gone, gone, gone.”
The single became a commercial success for Teach-In. In the United Kingdom, ” Ding A Dong ” entered the UK Singles Chart on the 12th of April 1975 and reached a peak of number thirteen. It spent four weeks in the Top Twenty and a total of seven weeks on the UK chart.
It was also a hit in Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Norway.
In the United States, the song reached number twenty-two on the Billboard Easy Listening Chart.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 13

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Switzerland 1, Germany 9, Netherlands 3, Belgium 2, Norway 1, Ireland 8

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Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/Teach-In

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