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” (Do)The Hucklebuck ” is by Coast to Coast, which was a rock and roll revival band from Wellingborough Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. The original group was formed in 1977 by Bud Smith and Bob Debank. They then auditioned Alan Mills for the role as lead vocalist, with Graham Woofey being added as a Drummer.
This line-up was added to when saxophonist Sonnie Torlot joined at a later date; the original line-up went through another change when original drummer Graham Woofey was replaced by Earl Barton. Backing singers were Pattie Hem and Donna Page ( real name Sarah ).
By 1980 there were tensions between the members and lead singer Alan Mills left and was replaced by Sandy Fontaine. Although the band disbanded in 1982, there have been some reforms with new members with little success. The performing rights to the band’s name ” Coast to Coast ” is owned by Bud Smith and Sonnie Torlot.
Lead singer Alan Mills died at the age of 61 on the 21st of July 2016 from a brain tumour.
” (Do)The Hucklebuck ” is a cover of the original song known as the ” The Hucklebuck “, which was a jazz and R&B dance tune made famous in 1949 by Paul Williams and His Hucklebuckers. The composition was credited to Andy Gibson with the lyrics credited to Roy Alfred.
Paul Williams ( Paul ” Hucklebuck ” Williams ) was an African-American jazz and blues saxophonist, songwriter and bandleader. Born in 1915 in Lewisburg, Tennessee, in the United States, he is credited as being the first to employ the honking tenor sax solo, which went on to be the hallmark of rhythm and blues as well as rock and roll in the 50s and early part of the 60s.
Andy Gibson was an American jazz trumpeter, arranger and composer. He began playing the violin before concentrating on the trumpet. In addition to ” The Hucklebuck “, he is also credited with composing ” I Left My Baby “, which was made popular by Count Basie and ” The Great Lie “. He died in Cincinnati in 1961 from a heart attack.
American lyricist Roy Alfred, born in 1916 had his first success co-writing, along with Fred Wise, the 1946 hit ” The Best Man ” for Nat “King” Cole. He also wrote the songs ” Rock and Roll Waltz “, ” Who Can Explain? ” and ” Let’s Lock the Door (And Throw Away the Key) “.
” (Do)The Hucklebuck ” was released first in 1979 under the Yorkie record label, then re-released in 1980 by Polydor ( Universal Music Group ).
The song was a commercial success for Coast to Coast. In the United Kingdom, it entered the UK Singles Chart on the 31st of January 1981 and reached a peak of number five. The song spent six weeks in the Top Ten and a total of fifteen weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 5

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Germany 37, Austria 70, Ireland 17

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