Do you really want to hurt me Culture Club

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Do you really want to hurt me Culture Club

Song Title: Do you really want to hurt me

Artist: Culture Club

Date of release: 6 September 1982 – November 1982 (US)

Description: ” Do you really want to hurt me ” is by Culture Club, the British new wave group. Written by the group’s members, Boy George ( George O’Dowd ), Roy Hay, Mikey Craig and Jon Moss.
The song was the third released in Europe by the group and their first un the US and Canada from the Platinum selling Album ” Kissing to be Clever “.
Written by Boy George, the song was deeply personal and he was at first reluctant to have it released as a single. He actually threatened to leave the group if the song was released by the record label. Fearing the song wouldn’t fit in with the group’s ethos at the time and with competition from the likes of Spandau Ballet who were big hit makers, reluctantly he agreed to the song’s release.
Boy George saw this single as the last chance for him and the group after the two previous releases failed to chart.
Soon after release the British radio station Radio 2 discovered the song and started playing it. The group then appeared on the British music tv show Top of the Pops and the papers went wild, ” What it a boy or a girl ” and so the Culture Club publicity machine was set loose. Teen magazines at the time had Boy George on the front covers showing him in his style. The lead singer of the group Dead or Alive, Pete Burns later commented that he was the first to wear hair braids, big hats and colourful costumes, George replied with the riposte ” It’s not who did it first, it’s who did it better “.
” Do you really want to hurt me ” entered the UK charts and quickly became number 1 where it stayed for 3 weeks. The song Spent 9 weeks inside the top 20 and a total of 19 weeks on the chart.
In the United states the song became a huge success, after entering the Billboard Hot 100 chart ” Do you really want to hurt me ” moved up the chart to take the number 2 slot where it stayed for 3 weeks. Michael Jackson’s single ” Billie Jean ” was to deny Culture Club the coveted number one in the country.
Despite not knocking Michael Jackson from the number 1 perch, the song sold 900,000 copies. Along with success in both the US and UK, Culture Club had number 1’s in both Australia and Canada.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 2

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australian Singles Chart 1, Austrian Singles Chart 1, Canadian ( Hot 100 ) 1, Danish Singles Chart 2, European Hot 100 Singles 1, French Singles Chart 1, German Singles Chart 1, Irish Singles Chart 1, Italian Singles Chart 2, Japan Singles Chart 23, New Zealand Singles Chart 2, Norwegian Singles Chart 2, Swedish Singles Chart 1, Swiss Singles Chart 1

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