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” Earth Song ” is by Michael Jackson, The American singer, songwriter and record producer. The song was written by Michael Jackson with production by Michael Jackson, David Foster and Bill Bottrell.
The song was released by record label Epic on the 27th of November 1995 and taken as the third single from the album, HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I.
Initially, the working title of the song was called ” What About Us ” which Michael wrote and composed in Vienna at the five-star luxury Imperial Hotel situated in Kärntner Ring on the Ringstraße in Austria.
Released as a demo as part of a bonus disc for his remastered 2001 album, Dangerous. The release was cancelled, and the song was leaked on the internet.
” Earth Song ” has gone down in pop music history as being one of the biggest and most famous protest songs ever. Incorporating many musical styles like blues, gospel and opera, Micheal used the song as a platform to issue a warning about what the Human race is doing to the planet.
In the song, he touches on issues like war, Famine and what we humans are doing to animals the World over, subjects Michael felt very strongly about.
The video that accompanies ” Earth Song ” was directed by Nick Brandt, The English art photographer who specialises in photography of the African continent. He also set up the non-profit organisation Big Life Foundation in response to continuing problem of poaching.
The video was filmed on location in the Amazon Rainforest where real native tribespeople was used. The war zone in Karlovac, Croatia, featured Croatian actor Slobodan Dimitrijevic and employed the people of the area. In Tanzania, where illegal poachers and hunting is shown, the video uses documentary archives. The last location used for the production was Warwick New York, where technical experts recreated a forest fire under controlled conditions in a cornfield.
The video for ” Earth Song ” was awarded the Le Film Fantastique Best Video Award in 1996, the 1995 Doris Day Music Award at the Genesis Awards and also Michael was nominated for a Grammy for Best Music Video, Short Form in 1997.
Music critics had mixed feelings about the song, James Hunter wrote in Rolling Stone ” The slow blues-operatic ‘Earth Song’ for all its noble sentiments, sounds primarily like a showpiece “.
A review in the San Jose Mercury News called the song ” flat ” also describing it ” whiny “, with the reviewer stating that Michael had already experimented with these concepts during his career.
” Earth Song ” was a commercial success for Michael, the song wasn’t released as a single in the United States, it was released to radio and peaked at number fifteen on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play Chart.
The song reached the top of the charts in Spain, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland. Michael achieved his first Number One single in Germany and held the position for five consecutive weeks making it his most successful single in that country.
In the United Kingdom ” Earth Song ” went straight in at Number One on the UK Singles Chart in 1995 and held the top spot for six weeks right through December and into early 1996.
It stayed in the Top Ten for nine weeks and spent a total of twenty-six weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australian ARIA Singles Chart 15, Canadian RPM Top Singles 40, Dutch Singles Chart 2, French Singles Chart 2, German Singles Chart 1, Irish Singles Chart 2, Italian Singles Chart 1, New Zealand RIANZ Singles Chart 3, Norwegian Singles Chart 1, Spanish Singles Chart 1, Swedish Singles Chart 1, Swiss Singles Chart 1

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