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” Fast Food Song ” is by the Fast Food Rockers, who was a British novelty pop group. The members were Martin Rycroft, Lucy Meggitt and Ria Scott. They claim that the members met at a summer fast-food convention in the south-east of England coastal town of Folkestone.
The port town, in Kent, England, became an essential port after a harbour and pier were built by Thomas Telford in 1809. Before 1809 it consisted of a small fishing community until an Act of Parliament in 1807 was passed to turn the area into a port.
The Fast Food Rockers are considered to be one-hit wonders. They did, however, have mild chart success with their two following single releases in the United Kingdom. In October 2003, ” Say Cheese ( Smile Please ) ” reached number ten on the UK Singles Chart and two months later they reached number twenty-five with ” I Love Christmas ” their attempt at conquering the coveted Christmas singles chart.
None of the members had any input into any of the songs, and there was even speculation that they didn’t even sing on their records, something they denied.
During an interview for the website of CBBC Newsround ( a news programme and site for children run by the BBC ) Ria Scott said of the allegations ” Yeah it’s a bit weird that people say it’s not us singing because it is. ”
Lucy Meggitt added ” There are rumours all the time, there’s always speculation and everyone always like I’m sure they’ve had backing singers, but I’ve trained for three years at a performing arts school. Ria’s been in the business for a long time, Martin’s been in the business for a long time, and we’re very proud to say we do sing on this song. ”
The Fast Food Rockers disbanded in 2004 after their management company, Republic Media, dropped the group saying in a statement that it was due to ” disappointing chart position following sales of their Christmas single .” The members, Martin Rycroft, Lucy Meggitt and Ria Scott, went into jobs outside of the music industry.
” Fast Food Song ” was written by Mike Stock, Steve Crosby, Sandy Rass, Eric Dikeb, Martin Neumayer and Bob Patmore. Production for the single was by Mike Stock, Steve Crosby and Sandy Rass.
Mike is an English songwriter, record producer and musician. He is best known as a member of the songwriting and production team Stock Aitken and Waterman. He has written or produced many records that have been hits worldwide, including eighteen chart-toppers in both the US and UK and over a hundred songs that have charted inside of the UK Singles Chart Top 40. He is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most successful songwriters of all time.
Steve Crosby is a record producer, songwriter and music manager, best known for creating the successful pop group Steps.
Sandy Rass is a British songwriter, record producer, singer, dancer and actor. Born in London, England, he trained at the Royal Ballet School and Italia Conti Academy. He has starred in West End musicals Starlight Express and Cats and played leading roles in 42nd Street, What a Feeling! And Living La Vida Loca, which toured the United Kingdom. As a producer, he worked on ” Santa Maria ” by Tatjana, the Croatian-Dutch model, actress and singer.
” Fast Food Song ” was released on the 9th of June 2003 by Better The Devil Records ( independent record label ) and taken as the lead single from their album; It’s Never Easy Being Cheesy. The light-hearted upbeat album, released on the 17th November 2003 was not a commercial success and failed to chart.
The song which mentions McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut, had a chorus that was based on ” A Ram Sam Sam “, a Moroccan folk tune. In the United Kingdom, the track was used in advertising campaigns for fast food restaurants. The song was viewed by many to be more of a promotion for the chains than a song.
The lyrics and catchy nature of the song became controversial after release due to many seeing it as promoting the unhealthy diet of fast food to children, many radio stations in the United Kingdom refused to play the song. The accompanying music video was filmed on location in Spain and featured the group’s mascot, a blue dog called Hotdog.
” Fast Food Song ” was a commercial success for the Fast Food Rockers. In the United Kingdom, the song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 28th of June 2003 and reached a peak of number two. It spent five weeks in the top ten and a total of fourteen weeks on the UK chart.
The Fast Food Rockers were kept from the top of the UK chart by Evanescence, the American rock band. The single, ” Bring Me to Life ” held the top spot on the UK Singles Chart for four weeks.

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