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” Gloria ” was by Laura Branigan ( Laura Ann Branigan ), the American singer, songwriter and actress. The song was originally written and composed by Umberto Tozzi and Giancarlo Bigazzi; the English cover was also written by Trevor Veitch.
Production for the single was by Jack White and Greg Mathieson. Jack White ( Horst Nussbaum ) is a music composer born in Cologne, Germany; he changed his name to make it easier for English-speaking artists and their managers. He has worked with many artists including Engelbert Humperdinck, David Hasselhoff, Paul Anka and Barry Manilow.
” Gloria ” was released in the US in June 1982 and the UK in December 1982 by record label Atlantic ( Warner Music Group ) and taken as the second single from Laura’s debut album, Branigan.
Umberto Tozzi is an Italian pop and rock singer and also a composer. Along with writing ” Gloria “, he also wrote, ” Ti Amo ” ( Italian for ” I love you ” ), which was a hit in 1977 in many European countries. The title should not be confused with Gina G’s song of the same name.
Co-writer, Italian, Giancarlo Bigazzi, was a former member of comedy music group Squallor and a music producer and composer, he died in January 2012. The English lyrics writer was Trevor Veitch, the Canadian musician and record producer was involved in the 60s folk-rock group, 3’s a Crowd.
Doug Morris, the managing director of Atlantic Records, suggested Laura Branigan should work with Jack White, he agreed and suggested that she sing the English translated version of Umberto Tozzi’s ” Gloria “.
For the track Jack White brought in co-producer Greg Mathieson, who had been the arranger of the original version, he also had played keyboards on the original song, so he already had a working knowledge of the track. Laura recalled later after hearing the Umberto Tozzi track ” We gave it the American kick and rewrote the lyrics and off she went. ”
In an interview with People Weekly Magazine, Laura said that she and the producers first tried an English version in the same mode as the original by changing the title to ” Mario “. However, it was felt that this just didn’t seem to work.
The now pop classic was the result of Laura’s re-invention of ” Gloria ” and cover lyrics written by Trevor Veitch, who had been contracted for her debut album, Branigan, along with re-writing the lyrics to the original Trevor also did guitar work, Laura also contributed to the re-writing of the lyrics.
In 2003, Laura said the song ” Certainly my signature song. And I always get the same reaction wherever I go, and whenever I perform it … I have to end every show with that song, and people just go crazy. ”
” Gloria ” was a commercial success for Laura. In the United States, the song reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent thirty-six weeks on the chart there.
It reached Number One in both Canada and Australia. In the United Kingdom, the song first entered the UK Singles Chart on the 18th of December 1982 and reached number six. It spent three weeks in the Top Ten and a total of thirteen weeks on the UK chart.
Laura Branigan passed away in her sleep at her lodge in East Quogue, New York, on August 26, 2004, at the age of 52.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: 2

UK Highest Chart Position: 6

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australia (Kent Music Report) 1, Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) 32, Canada (Singles Chart) 1, Ireland (IRMA) 4, New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) 6, South Africa (Singles Chart) 9
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