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” Hearts Are Made to be Broken ” is by Bret Sears ( Bret Michael Sears ), the singer and songwriter from Baltimore, USA. The song was written by Bret Sears.
Production for the single was by Stephen Joseph Antonelli and Nate Lanzino. Stephen is a multi-talented producer, engineer, arranger and songwriter. He has worked with many artists and musical styles from pop and rock to country, hip hop/rap and gospel.
Nate is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer ( plays guitar, bass, mandolin, keys and drums ). Nate was a founding member and guitarist with Progressive Metal band Masuda and has been involved in many bands over the years.
” Hearts Are Made to be Broken ” features Suzanne Real, the lead singer with New York based EDM trio NOHC ( pronounced Knock ). Along with DJ Brandon Zemel and Multi-Instrumentalist Kris Von the trio took their name from the chemical elements for the basis of life, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.
Lyrically the song is about heart-break in a relationship, how that experience is just accepted and the way it seems so natural. The song is based on a real event Bret had and is written around the idea that love between two people can break down with feelings being hurt and the need for acceptance that’s it’s over.
After writing ” Hearts Are Made to be Broken ” Bret turned to the team at Song Builder Studios to help improve the melody and delivery.
Starting with just basic synths and piano, Bret and the team nurtured the track into a fresh pop song. A few days later, Suzanne laid down additional vocals and unique tempo which brought a different feel to the whole composition.
The accompanying music video was directed by Daniel Hess with production by To Tony Productions. The company was named after Daniel’s cousin who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and passed away at 14.
The video was filmed on location at Angels Bar and Power Plant in downtown Baltimore. Also featured in the production are actress Maria Katerina and dancer Dylan Poffenburger.
Bret said of the experience ” I met with the team of To Tony Productions and together we worked on this insane idea and concept for the video at Angels Bar, Power Plant in downtown Baltimore. When the first idea didn’t present the story we were chasing after, we decided to meet for a second take and this time made an even more interesting story with a very creative element to it “.
Bret added ” This video really kicked off a new turn for me with my music. I’ve always wanted to do a music video, and this experience has really opened me up as an artist, there’s not much more that I could have wanted for a true debut “.

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