Hold me now Thompson Twins

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Hold me now Thompson Twins

Song Title: Hold me now

Artist: Thompson Twins

Date of release: 11 November 1983

Description: ” Hold me now ” is by the Thompson Twins, the British band. Written by Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and Joe Leeway with production by Tom Bailey and Alex Sadkin.
The song is written with the experience of a genuine relationship, Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie were together at the time ( later in 1991 got married and had 2 children ) and penned the song after a heated argument that was later resolved.
” Hold me now ” is written as a new wave, synthpop ballad. Taken as the first single release from the group’s fifth Album ” Into the Gap “.
The ballad was built around a background of synthesizers, a xylophone, piano and added Latin percussion, with emotional lyrics overlaying the musical composition.
The song had a mixed response from music critics when first released, some hailed the song as a classic and having a ” hypnotic, swaying groove “.
However others delivered a different verdict on the song with one saying the son’s melody could turn into a dreary monotony.
Putting the critics opinion to one side, it seems the record buying public liked ” Hold me now “.
In 1983 the single was released in the United Kingdom and entered the charts at number 31 before moving up to sit at number 4. With this song, the Thompson Twins remained on the UK charts for 15 weeks.
With this song, the group had their first top 5 hit single in the UK and their biggest selling single. The BPI ( British Phonographic Industry ) awarded the group a Gold certificate in January of 1984.
Elsewhere in Europe the song had moderate success with chart placements of number 10 in both Germany and Ireland and in Switzerland they could only manage a number 18.
In 1984 ” Hold me now ” was released as a single in North America, the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number 73 and climbed up to reach number 3. The song stayed for a total of 21 weeks on the chart.
Canada also was a success for the group with the song entering the RPM singles chart at number 43 and moving up to land on the number 3 spot in 1984.
The CRIA ( Canadian Recording Industry Association ) certified ” Hold me now ” as Gold in May of that year.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 3

UK Highest Chart Position: 4

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Irish Singles Chart 9, Australian Kent Music Report 3, Canadian RPM Singles Chart 3, German Singles Chart 7, New Zealand Singles Chart 4, Swiss Singles Chart 18

Official Website: Thompsontwinstombailey.co.uk

FaceBook Page: Facebook.com/ThompsonTwinsTomBailey

Twitter: Twitter.com/tombaileytour

Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/ThompsonTwins


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