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” I Ain’t Mad At Cha ” is by 2Pac the American rapper. The song was released on the 15th just after his death from shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996.
The song was the sixth release from the Album All Eyez On Me, and it was to be the last time that the stage name 2Pac was to be used in any single release.
Also on the single are vocals from Danny Boy, the soul singer who provided the hook for the song.
” I Ain’t Mad At Cha ” looks back at 2Pac’s life and how it went through changes from when he was young to when he found fame. He sings about losing touch with people and how many turned on him when success came.
Despite the fact that this 2Pac insists that he has only ” nothing but love ” for his friends with Danny Boy’s hook emphasising the fact with the repeating of ” I Ain’t Mad At Cha “.
New lyrics replaced the original version for more mainstream release with 2Pac talking about the struggle with life, a message to God and life after death.
” I Ain’t Mad At Cha ” was produced by Daz Dillinger, formally known as Dat Nigga Daz. The song sampled the song by DeBarge called ” A Dream “, which although not released as a single in its right was popular with many artists in the music genre of hip-hop.
” I Ain’t Mad At Cha ” was a success when released as a single in the United Kingdom with a peak position of number thirteen on the UK charts.
The song was not released as a single in the United States so was not considered for the Billboard Hot 100 Chart position, however, ” I Ain’t Mad At Cha ” did reach number eighteen on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Chart and number fifty-eight on the Hot 100 Airplay.
2Pac enjoyed his most significant success for this song in New Zealand when a number two chart position was reached.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 13

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australia (ARIA) 47, Germany (Media Control AG) 26, Netherlands (Single Top 100) 15, New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) 2, Sweden (Sverigetopplistan) 35

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