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” I Think I Love You ” is by David Cassidy ( David Bruce Cassidy ), the American actor and singer. David was born in new york on the 12th of April 1950. He signed with Universal Studios in 1969, and after appearing in several TV shows including Ironside and Bonanza, he got his big break when he joined The Partridge Family in 1970 as Keith Partridge.
The TV series was inspired by the life of the Cowsills, who are an American singing group from Rhode Island that enjoyed popularity in the 60s and 70s. The original line-up was Bill on guitar, Bob on guitar and organ, Barry on bass and John on drums.
Bill died following his battle with ill health including hip replacement surgery, back surgery, emphysema and osteoporosis. Barry died when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. The remaining members still perform today.
The Partridge Family enjoyed enormous success not just as a TV show but also through the music. In 1971 David embarked on a solo career, his popularity grew in the United Kingdom from 1972, where teen idols were on the rise. David became the first TV personality to be merchandised Worldwide.
His image appeared on all sorts of merchandise from posters, lunch boxes, comic books, toys to cereal boxes. At the height of David’s, his concerts produced mass hysteria, known in the media as Cassidymania. To date, David’s records have sold more than 30 Million copies Worldwide, he has 18 Gold and Platinum certified records, which include four consecutive multi-Platinum LPs.
The song was written by Tony Romeo, who was an American songwriter. He wrote ” Indian Lake ” for The Cowsills and Lou Christie’s 1969 Billboard Hot 100 Chart number ten hit ” I’m Gonna Make You Mine “. Tony also wrote songs for The Seekers, The Everly Brothers and Richard Harris. During his career, he wrote many successful songs nine of which went Platinum.
Production for the single was by Wes Farrell, the who was an American musician, songwriter and record producer, mostly active during the 60s and 70s. To date, songs written, produced or published by Wes is close to 500. He died of cancer in Coconut Grove, Florida at the age of 56.
” I Think I Love You ” was released on the 22nd of August 1970 by record label Bell ( Sony Music Entertainment ) and taken as The Partridge Family’s debut single from their first Album, The Partridge Family Album.
The Album, released in October 1970, reached number four on the Billboard 200 Chart and number six on the Canadian RPM 100 Album Chart. A few of the songs featured are by John and Tom Bahler, Ron Hicklin and Jackie Ward, the original voices of The Partridge Family. Once it was released David Cassidy could sing, they provided the backup vocals for all of the Partridge Family Albums.
The single was released a month before the debut of the sitcom The Partridge Family. During the first season, it was featured twice on the show.
The track featured the vocals of David Cassidy and Shirley Jones, who played the role of Shirley Partridge on the show. They were the only two cast members to sing on the recording. The song won a NARM ( National Association of Recording Merchandisers ) award the best-selling single of the year in 1970.
” I Think I Love You ” was a commercial success for David Cassidy. In the United States, the song reached Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, spending three weeks at the top. It also reached Number One on the Cash Box Top 100 Chart and number eight on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart.
In the United Kingdom, the song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 13th of February 1971 and reached a peak of number eighteen. It spent one week in the top twenty and a total of nine weeks on the UK chart.
On the 20th of February 2017, David announced that he had dementia, a set of symptoms that may involve loss of memory and a difficulty with performing tasks associated with thinking, like problem-solving or the use of language.
David’s mother suffered from the condition during the latter part of her life. In the early part of 2017, David retreated from public life and cancelled all performances. On the 18th of November 2017, it was announced to the press that David had been taken into hospital after suffering from liver and kidney failure, at this point he’d become critically ill and placed in a medically-induced coma.
Although two days later he was out of the coma, he remained in critical but stable condition. On the 21st of November 2017, it was announced that David Cassidy had died of liver failure at the age of 67.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 1

UK Highest Chart Position: 18

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australia KMR 1, Canada RPM 1, Ireland (IRMA) 2, New Zealand 5

Official Website: Davidcassidy.com

FaceBook Page: Facebook.com/DavidCassidy

Twitter: Twitter.com/cassidyunited ( Not official )

Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/DavidCassidy

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