I Wonder Why Showaddywaddy

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I Wonder Why Showaddywaddy

Song Title: I Wonder Why

Artist: Showaddywaddy

Date of release: 10th of March 1978

Description: ” I Wonder Why ” is by Showaddywaddy, the Rock ‘n’ Roll revival group from Leicester in the United Kingdom. They formed in 1973 by joining together of two groups, Choise and the Golden Hammers, both of which played similar types of music.
The newly formed group had eight members, with the unusual set up of having two vocalists, two drummers, two guitarists, and two on bass. The original line-up consisted of Rod Deas, Trevor Oakes, Al James, Buddy Gask, Russ Field, Dave Bartram, Malcolm Allured, Romeo Challenger.
The song was written by Melvin Anderson and Ricardo Weeks and initially recorded by Dion and the Belmonts. Originally released in 1958 by record label Laurie Records ( Capitol Music Group/Universal Music Group ), it was the first single under that label. The song became the group’s first Billboard Hot 100 Chart hit, reaching a peak of number 47.
Dion and the Belmonts were an American vocal group of the late 1950s. All of the members came from the Bronx area of New York City. It was in the latter part of 1957 when Dion DiMucci joined the other members Carlo Mastrangelo, Fred Milano and Angelo D’Aleo to form the group.
Bob Hyde, in the 1993 booklet for the Doo Wop Box, described the song ” The song opens with bass Carol Mastrangelo’s masterpiece of nonsense syllable-stringing and just rolls from there. The Belmonts had a highly recognisable sound to compliment Dion’s voice “.
Showaddywaddy’s cover version of the song was released on the 10th of March 1978 by record label Arista ( Sony Music Entertainment ) and features on their UK Number One Album Greatest Hits 1976 – 1978.
At the time of release, the Album was available as both LP and Cassette. The Album entered the UK Albums Chart on the 6th of January 1979 reaching Number One; it held the top spot for two weeks. The Greatest Hits 1976 – 1978 Album spent four weeks in the top ten and a total of thirteen weeks on the UK Albums Chart.
” I Wonder Why ” was a commercial success for Showaddywaddy. In the United Kingdom, the song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 25th of March 1978 and reached a peak of number two. The song spent five weeks in the Top Ten and a total of eleven weeks on the UK chart. The single also charted in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 2

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Germany 20, Netherlands 19, Belgium 17

Official Website: Showaddywaddy.net

FaceBook Page: Facebook.com/OfficialShowaddywaddy

Twitter: Twitter.com/PaulFixter

Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/Showaddywaddy

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