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“ I’ll Be There ” is the first single from the untitled upcoming album of Jess Glynne ( Jessica Hannah Glynne ). This song marks her return to the music scene in three years after finishing her Take Me Home Tour in November 2016. The single was released for digital download on 4th May 2018 by Atlantic Records and produced by Electric and Starsmith.
The British singer-songwriter was first recognised when Clean Bandit featured her for their cross-over single “ Rather Be ” which topped the UK Chart in 2014. It became the fastest selling single and the most streamed of that year. Jess Glynne was also featured by Route 94 for the single “ My Love ” which also hit UK Singles Chart Number One that same year.
In January 2018, Jesse collaborated with Rudimental, Macklemore and Dan Caplen for the song ‘’ These Days ’’ which topped the UK chart again. She has also worked with artists like Lil Mix, Jin Jin, Emili Sande and Alex Newell for her varied genre, experimenting on Pop, R&B, dance and soul music.
“ I’ll Be There ” was written by the Grammy-winning vocalist and pianist along with Henrik Barman Michelsen, Jerker Hansson, Edvard Forre Erfjord, Fin Dow-smith and Camille Purcell. The song is little different from her previous hits like “ Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself ” and “ These Days ” but continues to enthral listeners with her easy control over her vocal range and still putting soul into pop music.
“ I’ll Be There ” is a song that touches the universal truth of young women who face the ups and downs of relationships and spreads a definite tone of unity. The song has emotionally motivated and healing lyrics that inspire a universal theme, and her golden voice is clear above the upbeat music.
The song is 3:13 minutes long and the snazzy new video where she shows the vulnerable side of her otherwise strong personality and the magnitude in the innocence of her voice is 3:19 minutes long. The music video was released for digital download on Youtube on the same day. The video, shot in the pink Spencer Lake, Australia, currently has over 20 million views. It is now Number One on the UK Singles Chart, Scotland Official Charts Company and Europe Digital song charts.
Jesse Glynne first performed “ I’ll Be There ” at The Graham Norton Show on 4th May and later became her seventh single to reach the top of the UK Singles Chart on 15th June 2018, making her the first British artist to have seven singles at Number One in three years.
While she dominated the UK pop world with her other six singles, the red-haired London-born artist is yet to take the US charts by storm. The twenty-eight-year-old is considered by many fans to be one of the most commercially under-rated music artists in spite of her amazing raw voice, meaningful songs and simple lyrics which is evident from this latest single. The Grammy award winner is currently working on big projects with artist like Ed Sheeran who co-wrote songs like ‘’ Thursday ’’ and ‘’ Woman Like Me ’’ for this second studio album which is speculated to be released on September 2018 by the artist’s record label.

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BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Official Website: Jessglynne.co.uk

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Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/JessGlynne

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