I’m Gonna Wake Up One Day Annamay ft Tom Kimmel



” I’m Gonna Wake Up One Day ” is by Annamay (Anna-Maria E.) the Swedish singer-songwriter.
Based in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, she started songwriting at the age of ten. In addition to her career in music, Annaymay is also an expert level engineer in underground infrastructure and urban planning.
The single, written while Annamay was on the island of Crete, in the Mediterranean, was recorded at Awesound Studios, BĂ„lsta, Sweden.
It was co-written by Annamay and Tom Kimmel, the award-winning American singer, songwriter and poet. He has worked with a variety of recording artists including Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker and Linda Ronstadt.
” I’m Gonna Wake Up One Day ” was released on the 24th of July under the record label Spinnup. The label is a digital music distribution service for unsigned artists run by Universal Music.
Lyrically, the pop, rock and country music influenced song, is about finding you are at a crossroads in life and facing difficult decisions, with all directions leading to the unknown. It’s a self-empowering anthem of courage, self-determination, self-confidence and belief.
The song features as the first track from Annamay’s debut album, F*ck You. Released on the 29th of March 2019, the album has received positive reviews from music critics.
Jamie Parmenter, writing for vinylchapters.com, awarded the album three out of a possible five stars. He commented that it ” feels like a record that doesn’t know where it’s going at times “, adding ” but amidst this there are some very good tracks with fine melodies and strong lyrical content. ”
Newsickmusic‘s Kaitlin Ruether liked the album writing that “Annamay uses her strong vocals to carry the melodies as an array of genres score the moods. ”
A talented singer, songwriter and producer, Annamay is beginning to build a solid base of fans the world over, proving her songwriting skill is crossing boundaries and borders.

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