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” Juke Box Jive ” is by the Rubettes, the 1970s English pop band. The band were created by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington, former songwriters for the Pete Best Four ( later Pete Best Combo ), a group built around the Beatles first drummer, Pete Best.
The Rubettes were made up of session musicians but mimed on TV and in concert by Alan Williams, Tony Thorpe, Bill Hurd, Mick Clarke and John Richardson. The group’s musical style was a fusion of 1950s revivalism and glam rock; their costumes were made up of white suits and caps.
The name, Rubettes, was chosen as it sounded American and fitted correctly with the doo-wop style of music they produced. The Rubettes are best known for their UK chart-topper ” Sugar Baby Love “, which spent four weeks at Number One on the UK Singles Chart.
There was adverse publicity surrounding the song when it was revealed the distinctive high falsetto lead vocals were sung by Paul Da Vinci and not the frontman of the band. Despite the revelation, the Rubettes continued playing venues throughout Europe until they officially split in 1980.
” Juke Box Jive ” was written by Wayne Bickerton, who also produced the track and Tony Waddington. Wayne Bickerton ( Arthur Ronald Bickerton ) along with fellow English songwriter Tony Waddington had been working together writing songs for many years. Their most successful song before the Rubettes was ” Nothing but a heartache ” for the all-female group The Flirtations, the song reached number fifty-one in the UK and number thirty-four in the US in 1968.
They wrote many songs and offered them to various artists who rejected them. During the early 70s, Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington co-wrote and produced a demo tape for ” Sugar Baby Love “. They originally intended to submit it as an entry in the Eurovision Song Contest but instead decided to offer it to the English rock and roll revival group Showaddywaddy, who turned down the offer to record the song.
” Juke Box Jive ” was released in November 1974 by record label Polydor Records ( Universal Music Group ) and taken as the lead single from their second album, We Can Do It.
The album was released in March 1975 on the record label, State Records. The label was created by Wayne Bickerton, Tony Waddington and John Fruin in 1975 and featured, along with the Rubettes, Mac & Katie Kissoon, Delegation and Gary Benson. We Can Do It reached a peak of number forty-one on the UK Album Chart and contained two singles that reached the UK Top Ten.
The song was a commercial success for the Rubettes. In the United Kingdom, the song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 16th of November 1974 and reached a peak of number three. It spent eight weeks in the Top Ten and a total of twelve weeks on the UK chart.
” Juke Box Jive ” also charted in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 3

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Germany 4, Austria 8, Netherlands 2, Belgium 1

Official Website: Rubettesfeaturingalanwilliams.com

FaceBook Page: Facebook.com/TheRUBETTES

Twitter: Twitter.com/therubettes

Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/TheRubettes

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