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” Keep On Fighting ” is by Casual Encounter, the American songwriting and production duo. The duo consist of Bret Sears from Baltimore, USA and Raivis Ordway, the Latvian record Producer. Bret grew up in Southwest Baltimore, Maryland and began to dance at an early age. Bret is inspired by artists and producers like Diplo, Calvin Harris, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, the Swedish hitmaker behind some of the most popular pop songs of a generation including Britney Spears huge smash ” …Baby One More Time “. Bret strives to push his own creativity a little further each time and is making waves in the industry.
The other member of the duo, Raivis Ordway, is a talented EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) producer, who’s journey into music began when he learned to play the clarinet. After getting Cakewalk studio music software and a midi controller as a Christmas present, Raivis set to work making music. Taking a break from college, he moved into producing music full time.
Casual Encounter was formed in April 2017 when Raivis placed an ad looking for a singer, Bret responded and after meeting began working on ” Keep On Fighting “. The name came from an ideas session, many names were proposed but it was Casual Encounter that stood out after Ravis talked of a girl he’d been dating, the relationship had been nothing more than a Casual Encounter. Bret loved the term and so they ran with the name.
The Tropical house track ” Keep On Fighting ” was released on the 9th of August 2017, written by Bret Sears and produced by Raivis Ordway it features on the Album of the same name. The accompanying music video was directed by Othello banaci and filmed on location at Virgina Beach, a coastal city in southeastern Virginia, known as ” The Resort City “. The coastal city is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest pleasure beach anywhere in the World.

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