La Vie en rose Grace Jones

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La Vie en rose Grace Jones

Song Title: La Vie en rose

Artist: Grace Jones

Date of release: October 1977

Description: ” La Vie en rose ” is a cover by Grace Jones, the Jamaican singer, songwriter, lyricist, supermodel, record producer and actress.
The song was originally written by Édith Piaf ( Édith Giovanna Gassion ), she was a French cabaret singer, songwriter and actress. Édith is considered to be a national treasure in France and one of their greatest international performers.
The music composition was by Louiguy ( Louis Guglielmi ) and Marguerite Monnot. Louiguy was a Spanish-born French musician who created over 30 film scores during his career including La Rose de la mer in 1946. He also composed the music for ” Cerisier rose et pommier blanc ” which was a popular song written in 1950. The song became better known as ” Cherry Pink (and Apple Blossom White) “.
Marguerite Monnot was a French songwriter and composer, she is best known for writing the music of stage musical Irma La Douce and as a songwriter for many of Édith Piaf’s works.
” La Vie en rose ” was written in 1945, becoming a popular song performed by Édith during 1946 and so was released as a single in 1947. The song literally means ” Life in Pink “, it is often referred to in English as ” Life in Rosy Hues ” or ” Life Through Rose-Tinted Glasses “. Lyrically the song is about everything being rosy, a state of cheerfulness as often found when somone is in love.
In English there are similar sayings which refer to the state of mind talked about in the song, for example seeing the World through rose-tinted glasses, to paint a rosy picture and everything is coming up roses.
The song quickly became a favorite with audiences during live performances, coming at a time when Europe was recovering from World War II which became the most destructive war in history.
In 1950 the song found immense popularity in the United States with seven cover versions making it onto the Billboard charts. The song had such appeal that Louis Armstrong released his version in 1950 and in 1993 American singer Donna Summer covered the song.
It was in 1977 that Jamaican singer Grace Jones brought the song to international attention again some 30 years after it was initially released by Édith.
The song was released in October 1977 by record label Island ( Universal Music Group ) and taken from Grace’s debut Album Portfolio. The Album peaked at number 52 on the Billboard Black Albums Chart and number 109 on the Billboard 200 chart.
” La Vie en rose ” was a commercial success for Grace, the single was an international hit and certified Gold in both France and Italy.
In I’ll Never Write My Memoirs, Grace Jones autobiography, the singer said of the song ” I hear my early records now like La Vie En Rose, and think, Jesus Christ, I am so off-key! I certainly believed that I was [in tune]. That’s what you hear on those early records, complete, delusional self-belief ”.

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