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” Laser Eyes ” is by Liyv ( Olivia Holman ), the Seattle-based Dream-pop artist, Illustrator and Art Director. She describes herself as a ” Pastel Pop musician ” who writes songs for sad people who like bright colors.
Lyrics and composition are by Liyv with the song’s production by Joel Marchand, an independent music producer who is also based in Seattle.
” Laser Eyes ” has been released by Liyv as part of her ongoing project ” One song a month “. Previous singles include ” Heat, ” Drowning ” and ” You Should Know Better “.
As a songwriter Liyv gets inspiration from her own personal life and the lives of those around her. Other sources of inspiration for Liyv are Wes Anderson films, plants, gemstones, poetry, colors, and novels she reads. As with many songwriters, even a casual conversation over a coffee can result in inspiration and eventual lyrics for a song.
For this installment of her ” One song a month ” project, Liyv has written the song about not having time for people with bad intentions. The accompanying music video was directed by Liyv and Joel Marchand, the whole video was filmed on location at Liyv’s home.
” Laser Eyes ” has been well received by critics. Writing for, Nick Brutus Grass Younes said of Liyv’s songwriting ” She holds a particular style throughout her music, where she chops up her vocals to accentuate the melody of the song offering an eargasmic effect that fits perfectly with her personality. The subject matter of her songs are so relatable that it is inevitable for you to want to become her best friend. ”
A review for ” Laser Eyes ” on, the blog owner wrote ” While Liyv’s cuddly vocals and off-kilter melodies suggest a befuddled air, there perhaps is some truth to her track’s title, where her beaming focus suggests an upfront notion that Liyv won’t be put in her place. ”

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