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“ Leave a Light On ” is a song recorded by the Scottish indie singer, Tom Walker, whose genre of music is Indie folk, indie pop and indie rock.
Born in 1991, the Manchester-raised 21-year-old male artist initially gained massive global recognition in the music scene when he released his debut single “ Sun Goes Down ” which featured Kojey Radical in May 2016 on YouTube. The song was composed by the singer along with the award-winning British musician, Steve Mac who produced it as well.
He also became a musical sensation on Spotify after he performed his hit song “ Just You and I ’’ live on NBC’s Today show. He was later signed by the renowned Relentless Records who also signed up artists like Joss Stone and So Solid Crew.
However his debut “ Leave A Light On ” became his most commercially successful single when it was released in 13th October 2017 by Relentless Records label for digital retailers. It debuted in the United States later on January 22, 2018, when Epic records released it on Hot Adult Contemporary Radio.
“ Leave a Light On ” topped the charts in France and made it to the second spot in countries like Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Scotland. It also went Platinum in France and Italy, and Golden in Austria, Belgium and Germany.
“ Leave a Light On ” accumulated over 53 million views on YouTube and it has been playing on international radios and became one of the most requested indie songs by May 2018.
The lyrics of the song inspire love and strength for people who deal with addictions. It is about leaving the light on for someone to come back to sobriety, staying firm for the addicted person and still loving them and helping them deal with their addiction. The emotionally charged song is a stark contrast to his fun demeanour, and it is a pleading song dedicated to his friend who was dealing with addictions.
The 3: 20-minute song is also available in an acoustic version, and there are two videos of it. One for the UK release and the US market as the artist asserted that he wanted to show a little insight into his personality and his potential variations as an artist. It was shot on Croatia and was directed by Charles Mehling who had previously worked with artists like Paolo Nutini, The Script and Olly Murs. He also hinted that he has also been working with artists like Jamiroquai and Rudimental in his next coming singles.
“ Leave a Light On ” is a synth-waved piano melody that contrasts Tom Walker’s strong vocals and skittering drums. The emotions put into the lyrics makes the listener sad but motivated to hold on and keep waiting for the person they love to come back to the light no matter how far they’ve gone down the dark paths, emphasising that real love is pure emotion in spite of complex situations.
This single from the album Blessing (2017) clearly shows his hopefulness to impact people who struggle with life daily. It has brewed a storm in North American charts and will likely take up the US tables as he did in the UK.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 7

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Wikipedia Page: Wikipedia.org/TomWalker

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