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” Lonely This Christmas ” is by Mud ( now known as Mud II ), the English glam rock band that formed in February of 1966. They had considerable success in the mid to late 70s with fourteen UK Top Twenty hit singles, including three Number Ones.
Mud was made up of Rob Davis ( Lead guitars ), Les Gray ( Lead vocalist ), Ray Stiles ( Bassist ) and Dave Mount ( Drummer ), both Les Gray and Dave Mount have since passed away.
The song was written and produced by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. The songwriting duo had a string of hit singles during the 70s and early 80s. They wrote for artists including Suzi Quatro, Mud, The Sweet, New World, Arrows, Racey, Smokie, Tina Turner, Huey Lewis and the News and Toni Basil. They were responsible for many of the Sweet’s million-selling singles like ” Ballroom Blitz ” and ” Blockbuster “.
” Lonely This Christmas ” was released in December 1974 by record label RAK ( Parent company EMI ), the label founded by Mickie Most in 1969. The studios still exist and are located at 42-48 Charlbert Street, St Johns Wood, London, England.
The Christmas singles of 1973 where hyperactive tunes from the likes of Slade and Wizzard, however in 1974 the top-selling Christmas single slowed the tempo down a bit.
Mud released the ballad ” Lonely This Christmas “, which caused much debate as to how Mud got all the attention for an Elvis cover. In fact, Elvis Presley never did sing the song. In the book, 1000 UK Number Ones by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh Nicky Chinn said ” It was Mud parodying Elvis Presley, and some people did think it was Elvis at first. Les did an Elvis on that. We didn’t write it that way. It was just how he saw the song “.
Les Gray added ” I was doing an Elvis on that, but it was really a send-up of all those smoochy songs. It works because it can also be taken seriously. I remember playing it at the Liverpool Empire, and some of the fans were crying, and others were laughing “.
The song was a commercial success for Mud; it was to be their second Number One in the UK with sales of 750,000. The song entered the UK Singles Chart on the 30th of November 1974 and reached Number One, it stayed at the top for four weeks, spending six weeks in the Top Ten and a total of eleven weeks on the UK chart.
” Lonely This Christmas ” was re-released in 1985 but failed to make the UK Top Forty; it peaked at number sixty-one.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Netherlands 1, Belgium 1, Ireland 1
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