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” Lost Week ” is by Yassin Philip ( Philippe Yassin Coatmeur-Marin ), a French music producer and performer. Originally from Paris, Yassin now lives in Casablanca, Morocco.
Yassin is a member of the Linux Audio small community and writes news regularly for Libre Music Production, the community resource that promotes open source (FLOSS) software music creation, he also writes tutorials for the community in two languages, English and French. Yassin is an active member who likes to help other users and debug applications for the community.
” Lost Week ” is the fourth song taken from the 2016 Album ” Faux Frogs “, the composition is based on congas instead of the usual drums Yassin uses in his work.
Yassin describes his single as a ” light, sweet n’ sour take on the weekly domestic hell of the modern (IT, but being late for work is quite universal) worker “.
The whole work, from vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards to percussion is done by Yassin without outside help, the track is truly a work of the musician from start to finish.
The accompanying music video was partly filmed in Casablanca, the largest city of Morocco and one of the largest and most important cities in Africa. It is also the principle port of Morocco and one of the largest financial centers on the continent . It was directed by Yassin, as was the production. The music video was produced using Open-Source Software, the type of software that is becoming more popular with musicians of today and the type of music production software that Yassin is an expert in.
” Counternatures ” EP was the first release as Yassin Philip back in 2013, Yassin’s latest Album, released in 2016 is called ” Faux Frogs “. It has eight tracks which are Secret, Pars ( Just Go ), No Sister, Lost Week, Off The Grid, Carrier Phone, Enemy and lastly a Dual Sim mix of Carrier Phone.

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