Lovers Of A Kind Pussycat

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Lovers Of A Kind Pussycat

Song Title: Lovers Of A Kind

Artist: Pussycat

Date of release: 1983

Description: ” Lovers Of A Kind ” is by Pussycat, the Dutch country and pop group. The group consisted of Toni, Betty and Marianne Kowalczyk, Lou Willé, Theo Wetzels, Theo Coumans and John Theunissen.
Pussycat is best known for their huge hit ” Mississippi “, written in 1969 by Werner Theunissen, the Bee Gees ” Massachusetts ” inspired song made Number One in 30 countries and went on to sell 5 Million copies Worldwide.
They went on to have success with more singles which included ” Georgie ” and ” Smile “. During the next 10 years they had 6 hit Albums and 17 singles. The group disbanded in 1985 with Betty focusing on raising a family, Marianne opening a bar in Brunssum in the Netherlands and lead singer Toni continuing as a solo artist.
” Lovers Of A Kind ” was written by Andy Arthurs and Howard Goodall. Andy, Born in Cheltenham, England, studied at the University of Surrey. He became the first person to gain a recording degree in the United Kingdom. Andy began his professional career in London at AIR studios, where he worked as part of the production team, produced the Beatles.
Howard Goodall is a British composer of musicals, choral music and film and TV scores. Born in Bromley, a district of south east London, England, Howard studied music Oxford University. Although an accomplished composer of classical music, the EMMY, BRIT and BAFTA award-winning composer is best-known for the popular TV & film themes & scores which include Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Q.I., Mr Bean & The Vicar of Dibley.
The song was produced by Günter Lammers and Juan Bastós. Günter is a German musician, music producer and songwriter. In the 80s he had success as part of the duo Bogart. Günter was one of the producers and writers of several songs for Taco, who is best known for his 1982 hit single ” Puttin’ On The Ritz “.
Juan Bastós is a German singer, songwriter and producer. As a solo artist he is best known for his hit single ” Loop di love ” which releasd in 1971, reached 30 in Germany, 2 in the Netherlands and number 3 in Belgium.
” Lovers Of A Kind ” was released in 1983 by record label EMI ( Universal Music Group ) and taken from Pussycat’s sixth and last Album After all. The Album wasn’t a success and failed to make any impact on the charts, unlike their first Album, First of All, which reached Number 4 in Pussycat’s native Netherlands.
The song failed to chart in the United States or the United Kingdom. It charted in the Netherlands and Belgium.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: N/A

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Netherlands 22, Belgium 26

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