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” Mellow Harmony ” is by Raz Tilley the Australian singer, songwriter, music teacher and multi-instrumentalist based in Brisbane, Australia. The song was written, arranged and produced by Shiraz Tilley.
Raz has already notched up some achievements that many musicians could only dream of. At the age of 14, Raz performed a duet at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in front of a crowd over 8000 people with Wilson Pickett, the late American R&B, soul and rock and roll singer.
He is best known for his song ” In the Midnight Hour “, which reached number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1965. If that wasn’t enough, watching from the wings was Ray Charles, the American singer-songwriter, musician and composer who received national acclaim and four Grammy Awards for his 1960 song ” Georgia on My Mind “.
Later Raz went on to complete a full-time university degree in Music, Drama and Education, where she topped her final year in both Music and Drama. In 2010, Raz and her band performed a series of gigs at venues including the Indooroopilly Hotel, The Zoo and Brisbane Powerhouse in Brisbane, for which they received critical acclaim.
Raz uses many influences for her compositions, describing her songs as ” indie-folk-pop-rock-country-blues with a touch of soul, a taste of swing, a tang of Latin and a trace of funk “.
The upbeat pop song, ” Mellow Harmony “, was written when Raz was just 18 years old. Lyrically it relates to her search for music identity and her desire for acceptance amongst her music peers. The song was recorded at WIW Studios and Forte School of Music in Brisbane, her vocals are accompanied by David Doherty on Guitar, Corey Shepherd on Bass and Marcus McLachlan on Drums.
The accompanying music video was directed by Adrian Eyre. The video, filmed at Splat Studio in Brisbane uses a split screen theme.
The inspiration for the video came from The Brady Bunch, the American sitcom created by Sherwood Schwartz. The popular show ran on the ABC Network from September the 26th 1969 to March the 8th 1974.
The opening title sequence for which video head shots were arranged in a grid format. The video used what was then the new ” multi-dynamic image technique ” which was created by Christopher Chapman, a Canadian filmmaker. The opening proved popular and has often been referred to as the ” the Brady Bunch effect “.


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