” MySpace ” is by SOUND.WAV, a rapper from Montgomery, Alabama, US. The song was written and composed by SOUND.WAV with production for the single by Karma.
The song is taken from a mix tape called ” Frankly, I Don’t Give A Damn ” Vol 1. Born in the Southern part of the U.S.A SOUND.WAV is influenced in his song writing by rap artists like Outkast, Dungeon Family, Scarface of Geto Boys and Young Jeezy.
His inspiration isn’t just taken from the genre of rap, music influences also come from a varied range of artists including, Radiohead The Doors, John Lennon, Bob Marley and Alice in Chains.
SOUND.WAV said of his music creation ” To me music is art and I’m a painter “. His lyrics reflect how he feels and the experiences he has had first hand growing up in an area where the civil rights movement changed the course of history and paved the way for America’s first black President.
His lyrics are not meant to provoke, but reflect his own interpretation of life itself, ” It’s all a movie to me, life in general. I’m just a character in a play ” is how SOUND.WAV describes his lyrics and music.
The inspiration for ” MySpace ” came from the need everyone has to stand up and feel a sense of personal value as a human being. Coming from an area that still working to repair the racial tensions that still exist to this day. Montgomery in Alabama has cemented a place in history, not just in the US but Worldwide.
It was there that the civil rights movement became front page news. Black Americans had been fighting for equal rights since the end of slavery in 1865, it was however a single act of defiance by Rosa Parks that brought the plight to the attention of the World in 1955.
SOUND.WAV has created a raw and organic composition, an anthem for anyone who is willing to fight against fear, for each person to stand up and be counted.
” MySpace ” is intended to highlight racial inequality that is still present in the World today, lyrically focusing on the need to stop being pushed around because of color or race.
The accompanying music video is designed to be raw and focus entirely on the message contained in the lyrics. Filmed by Jasmine Johnson of Infinite Creation Images in the home town of SOUND.WAV, it also features producers EL’UNO & HOMIE SOUL.

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