One Man in My Heart The Human League

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One Man in My Heart The Human League

Song Title: One Man in My Heart

Artist: The Human League

Date of release: 6th of March 1995

Description: ” One Man in My Heart ” is by The Human League, the British electronic new wave band formed in Sheffield, England in 1977. The band rose to fame with their hit single ” Don’t You Want Me ” which topped both the US and UK charts in 1981.
The line up consists of Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley. Philip Oakey is the only original member from when the band formed in 1977, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley joined in 1980.
” One Man in My Heart ” was written by Neil Sutton and Philip Oakey. Neil has composed instrumental tracks and written numerous lyrics for the band, with credits on many of their Albums. He is probably better known as a studio and on stage keyboard player for the band.
Phil is an English singer, songwriter and producer. He co-founded a band called The Future which was changed to The Human League in the latter part of 1977. Phil’s biggest success outside of The Human League came in 1984 when he teamed up with producer Giorgio Moroder to record ” Together in Electric Dreams ” which was used as the theme for the film Electric Dreams. Released later as a single, the song became a worldwide hit.
The song was released on the 6th of March 1995 by record label East West Records ( Warner Music Group ) and taken as the second single from the band’s 7th Album Octopus.
The Album was the first new release in five years after their long running contract with Virgin Records was terminated. Octopus reached number 6 on the UK Album chart in 1995.
” One Man in My Heart ” was not intended to be released as a single, it was intended to be only an Album track to give Susan Ann Sulley a more prominent role on the Album and to contrast the usual Human League style of lead singer Phil with Susan and Joanne as backing vocalists.
It was after the success of the Album’s first single ” Tell Me When ” that the band’s record label wanted another song to release as a single that would be radio-friendly. They opted for ” One Man in My Heart “, which came as a surprise to the band.
The accompanying video was directed by English director Andy Morahan. He has worked with many artists including Wham!, directing their video for ” Last Christmas “. He has also worked with the Pet Shop Boys, OMD ( Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark ), Ozzy Osbourne, Simply Red, Aretha Franklin and George Michael and Cyndi Lauper. The video was a favorite on both VH1 and MTV, getting considerable air time on both stations.
” One Man in My Heart ” was a commercial success for The Human League. In the United kingdom the song entered the UK chart on the 18th of March 1995 and reached a peak of number 13. It spent 4 weeks in the top twenty and a total of 8 weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 13

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Ireland 29, Germany 90

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