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” One Time ” is by Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer and songwriter. The song was written by Terius “The-Dream” Nash, James Bunton, Corron Cole and Thabiso Nkhereanye.
Production for the single was by Christopher “Tricky” Stewart and The Movement with vocal mixing done by Kuk Harrell.
” One Time ” was to be Justin’s first single from his first EP My World, released on November the 17th 2009 by the record label Island Records.
The song was recorded by Justin at RedZone Entertainment’s studios in Savannah, the oldest city situated in the US state of Georgia.
Some parts of the song were recorded at The Boom Boom Room recording studios in Burbank, a city in Los Angeles County, Southern California.
The song is about being a teen in a relationship, realising the love is just puppy love, he told Digital Spy ” You know when you’re younger, and you thought it was love, but then, later on, you realise it was just puppy love? That’s what the song’s about.”
Music critics liked the song, Bill Lamb liked ” One Time ” and commented that it was ” perfect kickoff to the career of Justin Bieber”.
Along with the praise for Justin, Bill Lamb did have a less favourable comment about the overall feel of the song saying that it was too ” generic ” and the song allowed Justin little room to show his voice.
Another critic to give a positive review for Justin and the song was Billboard’s Michael Menachem; he called the song ” a hallmark pop song that also taps into a prevalent teen hip-hop aesthetic “.
” One Time ” was a commercial success for Justin, in the United States it entered the Billboard Hot 100 Chart at number ninety-five and climbed to reach number seventeen, the song spent a total of twenty-five weeks on the chart.
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awarded 5x Platinum for the song with sales more than two million in the US alone.
Outside of the United States, Justin enjoyed more success, in Canada, the song entered The Canadian Hot 100 Chart where it reached number twelve and stayed on the chart for twenty weeks.
In Europe ” One Time ” entered many countries charts including Top Twenty places in Germany and France. In The Netherlands, it could only manage a number seventy-four, and in Sweden, it reached a peak of number fifty-five on the Grammofonleverantörernas förening (GLF) Chart.
In the United Kingdom, ” One Time ” entered the UK Singles Chart at number 135 and climbed to reach a peak of number eleven, it stayed in the Top Twenty for a month and spent a total of fifteen weeks on the chart.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 17

UK Highest Chart Position: 11

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australian Singles Chart 23, Austrian Singles Chart 30, Belgian Singles Chart (Flanders) 62, Belgian Singles Chart (Wallonia) 44, Brazilian Hot 100 Airplay 70, Canadian Hot 100 12, European (Hot 100) 29, French Singles Chart 13, German Singles Chart 14, Irish Singles Chart 31, Netherlands (Single Top 100) 74, New Zealand Singles Chart 6, Swedish Singles Chart 55, Swiss Singles Chart 66

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