Only in my dreams Debbie Gibson

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Only in my dreams Debbie Gibson

Song Title: Only in my dreams

Artist: Debbie Gibson

Date of release: December 16, 1986

Description: ” Only in my dreams ” is by Debbie Gibson ( Deborah Ann “Debbie” Gibson ), the American singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.
The song was written by Debbie Gibson with production for the single by Fred Zarr. Fred has worked with Madonna on her debut Album and the 1970’s disco group Village People on their Album ” Sex over the phone “.
The track was written by Debbie in 1984, some two years before she recorded the song. While Fred handled the production for the song, engineering was done by Don Feinberg for the record label BiZarr Music Inc owned by Fred Zarr. Mixing was by ” Little ” Louie Vega with mastering by Herb ” Pump ” Powers.
” Only in my dreams ” was first released by record label Atlantic on the 16th of December 1986 as a maxi single. A remixed version was later released as Debbie’s debut single from her Billboard 200 Albums Chart number 7 Album ” Out of the blue “.
When the song was released it didn’t immediately grab the record buyers attention, the song took some 65 weeks after the release date to make the top five in the United States.
Debbie said later in an interview with Popdose in 2012 ” ‘Only In My Dreams’ came out and everyone went, ‘She’s an overnight sensation,’ and meanwhile it was actually 65 weeks after its release that it went to number 4 “. Debbie noted that singles can be spread much faster today with the power of YouTube, back then before the internet it was a lot more work involved, she added ” it was 65 weeks of pounding the pavement and shaking every radio program director’s hand around the country and singing at every free radio event and you really had to show up “.
The accompanying music video for ” Only in my dreams ” was shot on location at Asbury Park beach, the carousel in the Asbury Park casino and outside of the Asbury Park Convention Center in New Jersey.
Debbie changed her attire several times during the course of the video, in it she demonstrates the futility of a young girl trying to get the boy of her dreams to notice her, when he does, she then realizes that the whole thing was a dream and her World crashes down.
The top video for the song on YouTube has been viewed over 3,700,000 times, even today the song is still popular.
” Only in my dreams ” proved to be a commercial success for Debbie, in the United States the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and reached a peak of number 4, the song stayed on the chart for a total of 28 weeks.
In the United Kingdom the song failed to make it into the chart on the first release, however it did re-enter the chart in 1988 after the success of Debbie’s second single ” Shake your love “.
The second time around the song reached a peak of number 11 on the UK chart and spent a total of 7 weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 4

UK Highest Chart Position: 11

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: US Dance Club Songs (Billboard) 12, Ireland (IRMA) 20, New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) 20, Netherlands (Dutch Top 40) 46

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