Penny Lane The Beatles

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Penny Lane The Beatles

Song Title: Penny Lane

Artist: The Beatles

Date of release: 13 February 1967 (US) and 17 February 1967 (UK)

Description: “Penny Lane” by The Beatles was in fact written by Paul McCartney but has been widely associated with the famous songwriting team of Lennon and McCartney. Paul wrote the song to counter John Lennon’s “Strawberry Fields Forever” track, the lyrics are a reference to a real life street in the city of Liverpool England. During the Sgt. Pepper sessions, The Beatles recorded the song and released the song in February 1967 as one side of a double A sided single, the other being “Strawberry Fields Forever”. “Penny Lane” was actually the result of their record label’s need for another new release after a dry few months. This song failed to reach number one in the UK but went on to reach the top ten in several European countries. Not included on the groups Ep ” Magical Mystery Tour ” in the UK, it was included on the US Album of the same name.
Rolling Stone magazine ranked ” Penny Lane ” number 456 on its list of the top 500 greatest songs of all time.

“Penny Lane” is taken from a street near the childhood home of John Lennon, who lived there for the first five years, today 9 Newcastle Road, which is just off Church Road in Liverpool England has become an important landmark for the city, a tourist attraction for Beatles fans touring Liverpool.
Liverpool Council faced a problem with tourists constantly stealing street signs with ” Penny Lane ” on, to counter this costly problem the officials ended up just painting the street name on the side of buildings, this was stopped in 2007 and the council introduced theft-resistant signs, some tourists however still manage to nick them as keepsakes and no doubt some end up on Ebay.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 1

UK Highest Chart Position: 2

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australian Go-Set National Top 40 1,Belgian Singles Chart 4,Canadian RPM 100 1,Irish Singles Chart 2, West German Media Control Chart 1.

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