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” Queen of Chinatown ” is by Amanda Lear, the French singer, lyricist, painter, television presenter, actress and former model. The song was written by Anthony Monn ( also produced the single ) and Amanda Lear.
Anthony is a German singer, composer and record producer. He worked with Amanda on many of her songs and produced her 1977 debut Album; I Am a Photograph. The Album was a hit in Germany, Austria and Italy.
The song was released in 1977 by record label Ariola Records ( Sony Music Entertainment ) and taken as the sixth and final single from Amanda’s debut Album; I Am a Photograph. The song wasn’t featured in the original release of the Album; it did feature on a re-issue. The inclusion replaced ” La Bagarre “. The B-side for the single was ” Alphabet “, which had earlier been released in the Netherlands without success.
The lyrics for the uptempo euro disco track, which was fused with Eastern elements, was written by Amanda. The music was composed by Anthony Monn. The song was promoted through numerous tv appearances by Amanda during the latter part of the 1970s. ” Queen of Chinatown ” has become one of the most memorable of Amanda’s songs.
Amanda began as a model and in 1973 was the cover model for Roxy Music’s second Album For Your Pleasure. She also briefly dated Bryan Ferry.
It was in 1974 that she had become disillusioned with the fashion industry. Her lover, David Bowie, paid for her to have singing and dancing lessons, it was then she decided to launch her music career.
Her voice coach was Hungarian Florence Wiese-Norberg, who had also coached David. Amanda teamed up with David Bowie to record a demo track called ” Stars “, it was never released and to this day remains so. To help promote her music she often played with the mystery surrounding her personal life.
Rumors had circulated at the time of her being transgender. A claim was made by April Ashley. The famous transgender entertainer said that Amanda’s birth name was Alain Tapp and they had worked together during the 50s and 60s in revues in Paris, notably Madame Arthur and Le Carrousel. This claim has never been confirmed as authentic and so the mystery continues even today.
The accompanying music video was filmed for Musikladen; the West German music TV show was aired from December 1972 up to November 1984. Amanda appears in the video wearing an Eastern dress while singing the song; she also can be seen holding a fan which she repeatedly opens and closes. In the background two singers add backing vocals while dancing with fans.
Amanda filmed another video for Premiatissima, an Italian prime time TV show which was hosted by Amanda at the time. It was this music video that Amanda used for a chi è Amanda?, her television special which was shown on Italian TV in February of 1983.
Although ” Queen of Chinatown ” wasn’t an international success. However, it was a hit in some countries of Europe. In Germany and Italy, the song reached a peak of Number two.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: N/A

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Switzerland 5, Germany 2, Italy 2, Austria 11

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