Santa Maria Dj Milano and Samantha Fox

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Santa Maria Dj Milano and Samantha Fox

Song Title: Santa Maria

Artist: Dj Milano and Samantha Fox

Date of release: 1997

Description: ” Santa Maria ” is by Dj Milano and Samantha Fox, the British former glamour model. The song was written by Kirsti Johansen and Kjetil Røsnes, who are better known as the disco and dance duo Avalanche formed in 1984. Co-writers for the song were Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, who are part of the hit making production trio Stock Aitken Waterman ( SAW ).
Production for the version By Dj Milano and Samantha Fox was done by Lee Monteverde and Peter King.
Originally the song was recorded by Tatjana ( Tatjana Šimic ), the Croatian-Dutch model, actress and singer with original production by Michael Stock and Matt Aitken.
Her version which was released by record label LOVE THIS first charted in the United kingdom on the 30th of September 1995 and reached a peak of number 90, the second release was on the 21st of September 1996, this time Tatjana’s version reached number 40.
Once Samantha’s contract lasting five years with record label Jive Records came to an end, she left the UK and went to Ibiza, one of the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean, where she met Dj Milano.
Samantha’s version was released in 1997 by record label All Around the World ( AATW ) from Blackburn in the United Kingdom, as a single-only song.
” Santa Maria ” was later included in the track listings for Samantha’s Watching You, Watching Me Album and as a shorter radio edit for the Greatest Hits Album released in 2009.
The ” Santa Maria ” single contained four mixes, Open Arms Remix 6.19m, Gio Remix 5.04m, Original Version 6.11m and a shorter version called Radio Edit which was 2.54 minutes long.
In the United Kingdom the song entered the UK chart on the 28th of March 1998 and reached a peak of number 31, it stayed in the top 40 for one week and spent a total of 2 weeks on the UK chart.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 31

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Sweden 47

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