Save Your Love Renée and Renato


Save Your Love Renée and Renato

Song Title: Save Your Love

Artist: Renée and Renato

Date of release: October 1982

Description: ” Save Your Love ” is by Renée and Renato, the female/male vocal duo. The duo was made up of Renato Pagliari and Hilary Lester.
The song was written by husband and wife team Johnny ( who also produced the single ) and Sue Edward. Johnny ( John Edward Flux ) is a British musician, writer and record producer. As a musician he joined The Manish Boys as a guitarist in the 1960s. The R&B group’s lead singer was David Jones, who went on to be better known as the late David Bowie.
Along with a music career, Johnny is also known as the man who created Metal Mickey ( also controlled and voiced by him ). The 5ft tall robot was based on the popular space toy from the 1950s. The children’s tv show was aired on the British network LWT ( London weekend Television ) and ran for 41 episodes from 1980 to 1983.
” Save Your Love ” was released on Vinyl and cassette in October 1982 by record label Hollywood ( independent label owned by Johnny Edward ) and features on Renée and Renato’s 1983 Album Just One…
Johnny Edward was a man of rock and Roll, he hated the cheesiness of records being produced during the 1970s. He wrote the kitsch-Italian song with his wife sue saying at the time ” the song was written as a joke, to give the finger to Save Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood Of Man among other tracks that made me chew the carpet “.
Renato Pagliari was born in Rome but was brought up in Birmingham in the West Midlands,UK. He worked as a waiter in a local restaurant, it was there that he first found a taste for showbiz. A local cabaret act failed to show at the restaurant, so Renato stepped in and sang for the customers. He was so well received that he decided to make singing a career.
In 1975 tenor Renato entered the British television network ITV talent show New Faces, he didn’t win but caught the eye of songwriter and producer Johnny Edward. Johnny paired Renato with 22-year-old British singer Hilary Lester and renamed the duo Renée and Renato for the recording of ” Save Your Love “.
Renato was very proud of the duo’s UK Number One single, saying ” It’s a very romantic song and just happened to come out at the right time (Christmas). At a time when the chart was full of heavy rock and bang bang music, maybe people wanted something romantic “.
However Hilary Lester said in the 90’s in an interview with Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh for their book 1000 UK Number One Hits ” I think you have to laugh along with it, you have to take something for what it is. I’ll never be ashamed of it, but at the end of the day it was a novelty record “.
The video that accompanied the song showed a couple singing the love song to one another, however the girl in the video wasn’t Hilary Lester, a model by the name of Val Penny was used instead.
Hilary Lester explained the reason behind her not appearing in the video ” I didn’t want to do the video. It was my mistake really but it just wasn’t my sort of thing. So they found another girl, put a blonde wig on her and that was it. Also, you don’t see her lip-synch in the video “.
The song was a commercial success for Renée and Renato. In the United Kingdom the song entered the UK chart on the 30th of October 1982 at number 54. From there it steadily climbed and finally reached Number One on the 18th of December 1982.
It spent 4 weeks at the top before being knocked off the top slot by ” You Can’t Hurry Love ” by Phil Collins. ” Save Your Love ” spent 8 weeks in the top ten and a total of 16 weeks on the UK chart.
Renato Pagliari died at the age of 69 on the 29th of July 2009 after having surgery for a brain tumour. Hilary Lester ( now Gibbon ) disappeared from showbiz after a series of flops.

BillBoard Hot 100 Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Ireland 1, The Netherlands 1, Germany 10, Austria 17, Belgium 1, Switzerland 4, Sweden 3, Norway 1

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