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” Seasons In The Sun ” is by Terry Jacks ( Terrence Ross “Terry” Jacks ), the Canadian singer, songwriter and record producer. The song was written by Jacques Brel and Rod McKuen, who wrote the English lyrics.
In 1961 Jacques Brel originally wrote and performed the song ” Le Moribond ” ( The Dying Man ) entirely in French, the English translation came in 1964 by Rod McKuen.
Rod McKuen was one of the most successful poets in the United States during the 1960s; the Academy Award-nominated poet was instrumental in popularising the works of Jacques Brel including ” Seasons In The Sun “. Due to Rod’s work, he has amassed sales of 100 million recordings worldwide and some 60 million books.
The Kingston Trio recorded the English translated version of the song first, but it was not a significant hit. However, it was their version that gained Terry’s attention.
The original version by Jacques Brel is a ballad that mocks those that crossed him during his lifetime, during his last moments before his death; he says sarcastic farewells to his adulterous wife, her lover and others.
Previous English translated versions stayed faithful to the original; Terry opted to take the song down a more sentimental route, so without being credited he changed and reworked the lyrics.
Released in Canada by Goldfish Records ( owned by Terry ) and elsewhere by Bell Records in 1973, the single was taken from the album of the same name.
This version of the song was initially recorded in 1973 by Terry and his then-wife, Susan Jacks in Vancouver. After an unsuccessful session with the Beach Boys, it was abandoned, and Terry decided to go it alone with the song.
” Seasons In The Sun ” became a massive worldwide hit for Terry. In the United States the song was released in December 1973, after a month it entered the Billboard Hot 100 and in March 1974 began a three-week stint at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the song spent a total of twenty-one weeks on the chart there.
Outside of the United States, Terry reached Number One on the RPM Magazine chart in Canada where it held the top spot for four weeks.
In the United Kingdom, ” Seasons In The Sun ” entered the UK Singles Chart on the 23rd of March 1974 and was Number One for four weeks. It spent seven weeks in the Top Ten and a total of twelve weeks on the UK chart.
Although ” Seasons In The Sun ” has sold over of 14 million copies worldwide and turned Terry Jacks into one of Canada’s best-selling artists, modern criticism has knocked the song, with the song being held as an example of bad music. Terry Jacks version of the original ” Le Moribond ” has been labelled as one of the worst pop songs ever recorded.

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Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Austria 1, Switzerland 1, Germany 1, The Netherlands 7, Belgium 2, Norway 1

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