Shaddap you face Joe Dolce

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Shaddap you face Joe Dolce

Song Title: Shaddap you face

Artist: Joe Dolce Music Theatre Show

Date of release: 1980 (International) April 1981 (U.S.)

Description: ” Shaddap you face ” by the Joe Dolce Music Theatre Show, was written by Joe Dolce in 1980. The one hit wonder was about a fictitious Italian boy called Giuseppi, Joe sings the song as the rebellious boy on the single.
While in Australia in 1978 Joe formed Joe Dolce Music Theatre Show along with the character that was to help set records around the World.
Released first in Australia ” Shaddap you face ” reached number one and stayed there for 8 weeks in 1980, it was then picked up by Epic records and released in the United Kingdom.
The release in the United Kingdom quickly reached the number one slot in february 1981 and held on to the top for 3 weeks until March.
All main contenders for the number one were kept off with the most famous being ” vienna ” by Ultravox, which couldn’t dislodge Joe Dolce for all of the three weeks it was there.
” Shaddap you face ” was the first comedy record to hit the top slot since Brian connolly’s ” D.I.V.O.R.C.E ” and was to be the 15th biggest seller of 1981.
Success didn’t end with Australian and UK charts, another 11 number one’s followed in countries around the World including France, Germany and Italy.
Originally the song sold over 6 million copies and remains the most successful Australian produced song in their music history. A straight 33 years and sales of over 450,000 singles sold.
” Shaddap you face ” became Australia’s first triple Platinum single using the old way of counting sales with 100,000, now to reach Platinum status 70,000 units need to be sold.
Another record in Australia to be broken by ” Shaddap you face ” was a 22 year longevity record held by Slim Dusty for his single ” A Pub with No Beer ” which was a number one back in 1957.
Back in 2006 The National Folk Festival in Canberra Australia held a contest inspired by ” Shaddap you face “, artists were invited to perform the song in their own way.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: 53

UK Highest Chart Position: 1

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Australia 1, Canada 2, France 1, Germany 1, Italy 1

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