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” Siren ” is by Sunmi ( Lee Sun-mi ), the South Korean singer and songwriter. She was born on the 2nd of May 1992 in Iksan, North Jeolla Province, South Korea.
Sunmi was a member of the successful South Korean girl group, Wonder Girls. The group was formed in 2007 by JYP Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in the country. In the United States, Wonder Girls was managed by Los Angeles based Creative Artists Agency.
The girl band had a hit single in the United States in 2009 with their single ” Nobody ” which peaked at number seventy-six on the Billboard Hot 100, the chart success in the US made the Wonder Girls the first group from South Korea to have a Billboard chart hit.
Sunmi left in 2010 to continue with her studies, returning to music after three years. In August of 2013, she released ” 24 Hours “, her first digital single, which reached number two on Gaon Digital Chart in South Korea. In the United States, the single made number three on the Billboard Korea K-pop Hot 100 Chart.
Sunmi then released ” Full Moon ” and ” Gashina “, which reached number two and Number One respectively in the country. Her fourth single, ” Heroine “, was released on the 18th of January 2018 and another hit, reaching number two on the Gaon Digital Chart.
” Siren ” was released on the 4th of September 2018 under the MakeUs Entertainment record label.
The lead single from her album Warning was written by Sunmi, with production for the single by Frants, the South Korean producer and composer. Taking influences from the 70s and 80s, he likes to include classic rock and synth-pop styles into his work. Frants has worked with many of South Korea’s most successful recording artists like the Wonder Girls, Jeong Jinwoon, DAY6, 2PM, GOT7, G.Soul, Twice and Golden Child.
Sunmi explained to about the meaning of the song saying ” Sirens are used for warnings, and I was also inspired by sirens in mythology. They are known as beautiful but frightening presences that lure sailors in with their beautiful voices and drag them down to the bottom of the ocean. The mermaids that appeared in ‘ Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ‘ were also sirens. I think I’ll be able to take that unique concept and express it well.”
She added that ” The reason sirens stuck out to me is that they’re what are used in the most dangerous of situations. And the origin of the word ‘ Siren ‘ is that mermaid figure. The song itself has an ambiguous meaning, so I wanted to use that word. ”
” Siren ” has become a commercial success for Sunmi. In South Korea, the single topped the Gaon Digital Chart, giving her a second chart-topper in the country. The single also reached Number One on the K-pop Hot 100.
In the United States, the song reached number five on the Billboard World Chart.

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