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” So Macho ” is by Sinitta ( Sinitta Renay Malone ), the American-born singer, West End theatre actress and a mentor on the UK talent show The X Factor.
The song was written and produced by James George Hargreaves, today James is a religious minister and political campaigner.
He wrote and produced ” So Macho ” along with other hits for Sinitta, he explained to the newspaper Scotland on Sunday ( published in Edinburgh ) his intention for the song he said in an interview that is was ” …for women to dance around their handbags to and for the gay scene to go mad to on poppers” he added ” I was never gay, but I had a lot of lovely friends in the gay scene “.
The song was released in July 1985 by record label Fanfare Records and features on Sinitta’s self-titled album released later in 1987.
After leaving record label, EMI Simon Cowell formed Fanfare Records with Iain Burton. Fanfare Records was set up by the two initially to sell exercise videos and music from acts like the Italian classical music orchestra Rondò Veneziano.
The first pop music signing for the newly formed record label was Sinitta. Simon contacted songwriter and producer George Hargreaves to supply the music. George handed over ” So Macho “.
He now had his infectious pop song and was on the verge of success when his partner Iain Burton had second thoughts and called Simon to tell him he’d changed his mind about the record label and was to pull the plug on the enterprise.
Simon had faith in the single and was convinced it was going to be a hit; he managed to convince Ian to give him £5,000 to fund the release of the single.
Simon’s judgement proved to be right, ” So Macho ” was released towards the end of July 1985 as Sinitta’s follow-up to her debut single ” Cruising “.
Like Sinitta’s debut single, ” So Macho ” quickly became popular in Gay clubs and the High Energy ( Hi-NRG ) dance scene.
The song failed to impact the UK Singles Chart but continued to notch up sales throughout the summer months, the growing popularity of the song led to Simon removing the single from sales at the end of October 1985, his decision to remove the song was to let demand for the single to build.
As the festive season approached, ” So Macho ” started to gain popularity once more in the straight clubs and discos in the United Kingdom.
The song was then released for a second time on the 17th of February 1986 as a double A-side with Sinitta’s previous single ” Cruising “.
However, the second and double A-sided single didn’t set the charts alight and floundered at the lower end.
Four months after the initial release in 1986 the song started to get airplay and then entered the Top Forty in the United Kingdom which helped it to gain even more exposure.
The single entered the UK Singles Chart on the 8th of March 1986 and climbed to reach a peak of number two; the song spent seven weeks in the Top Ten and a total of thirty weeks on the UK chart.
The British Phonographic Industry ( BPI ) certified ” So Macho ” Gold with sales of 585,000 copies.
The £5,000 that Iain Burton had given Simon Cowell to fund the single’s release proved to be a wise investment that £5,000 turned in £1,000,000 and helped to secure the future of the record label Fanfare.

BillBoard Highest Chart Position: N/A

UK Highest Chart Position: 2

Other Countries Highest Chart Positions: Swedish Singles Charts 13, Dutch (Top 40) 36, Austrian Singles Chart 17, Australia Singles Chart 14, New Zealand 45, the Netherlands 36

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