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” Solo ” is by the British electronic group, Clean Bandit, and the American singer-songwriter and actress Demi Lovato. It was released in 18th May 2018 for digital download and streaming under Atlantic Records. Clean Bandit came together in the year 2008 and comprised of the trio -Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, and Luke Patterson.
Their breakthrough started in 2013 when their single Mozart House ( 2011 ) was re-released in 2013 and reached number seventeen on the UK Singles Chart and their collaboration with Jess Glynne “ Rather Be ” reached Number One in the UK in 2014 and number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100. Since then they’ve had several other successful collaborations with renowned artists like Annie- Marie, Julia Michaels, and chart-topping hits such as “ Symphony ” with Zara Larrson and “ Rockabye ” featuring Sean Paul.
Demi Lovato had been more prominent on the music scene with six studio albums and over twenty-six singles. She had recently released “ Sorry Not Sorry ” and “ Tell Me You Love Me ” and had previously collaborated with various artists like Selena Gomez, Timbaland, and DJ Khalid, and most recently with Christina Aguilera which was released just a week before ” Solo. ”
” Solo ” was written by the Band with Demi Lovato, Fred Gibson and the Brit award-winning singer, Camille Purcell and was produced by Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, Fred Gibson and Mark Ralph.
‘’ Solo ’’ features Grace Chatto’s own experiences about going through a painful break-up and the song is about moving on from that experience. The 3:44 minutes long video features her and Demi Lovato in separate locations and experiencing different stages of, and the relieve of getting over a heartbreak. The theme of the lyric is highly optimistic towards feminism and women empowerment.
This summer anthem of 2018 consists of ‘ vocoder ’ effects and ‘ synth ’ that gives it a dance-pop and electro-pop vibe. It began with an edgy high-pitched repeat of the song title until the verse burst with a beat drop of Clean Bandit’s trademark and expected feel-good dance music.
The sound of a banjo mixed with other electronic effects and the tunes with a tempo of 105 beats per minute and Demi Lovato breaking the pulse with her smooth vocals adds an experimental freshness to both the band and Lovato’s music.
” Solo ” has already accumulated 21million views on YouTube since its release two weeks ago and is gaining momentum in the pop and dance charts. The song toppedthe charts in several countries including Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland and Mexico. the song is on its way to the top of the Billboards Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles at number six and Hot Dance Electronic Songs at number five. It also topped the UK iTunes chart on 17th June 2018.
The energetic track and the fiery nature of the lyrics make it a catchy tune that is suitable for club bangers and mellow evenings. Clean Bandit’s magical producing skills along with the powerhouse vocals by Demi Lovato makes this an addictive, fun track that you can play on repeat.

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UK Highest Chart Position: 1

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