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” Spiritual Love ” is by Bret Sears ( Bret Michael Sears ), the singer and songwriter from the United States.
Bret grew up in Southwest Baltimore, Maryland, becoming interested in dancing at a young age, often setting up a stage in his bedroom to practice his dance moves. He is inspired by a mixture of singers and record producers like Diplo, Calvin Harris, Dr. Luke and Max Martin.
As a recording artist, Bret experiments with different genres and writes lyrics from the heart. He is also looking to push the bar to his creativity a bit higher with each new song.
His writing style uses heartfelt lyrics that the listener can relate to, mixed with catchy melodies and dance beats. The talented singer-songwriter is beginning making waves in the music industry.
Bret is also the second half of Casual Encounter, a tropical house partnership with Raivis Ordway, the Latvian record Producer. Together they have released a few singles to date and one album.
The song was written by Bret and recorded at his home studio. The beat was produced by KontraBandz, who has worked with some of the world’s biggest record labels including Universal Music Group, Atlantic and Warner Music.
Editing for the single was by Clay Agnew, with the accompanying lyric video production by Bush Raraza. The video was uploaded to Bret’s official YouTube channel on the 15th of March 2018.
Lyrically the single is about empowerment and having confidence in yourself. Bret explained the song’s message ” ‘ Spiritual Love ’ is an empowering song for anyone looking to boost their self-confidence just by loving and understanding themselves. It’s about freeing yourself of doubt, insecurity and, loving your hardest, and feeling your greatest. Everyone deserves to feel confident and desirable, to be able to express their sexuality and feel content in their own skin. ”

Website: BretSears.com

FaceBook Page: Facebook.com/bretmusic

Twitter Page: Twitter.com/bretsears

SoundCloud: Soundcloud.com/bretsears

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